Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 25

Welcome to Day 25 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge hosted by me, C.C., here at I'm On My Way and my online BFF Jamee at A New Kind of Normal. Today's assignment is to post a blog post about something that you miss. Make sure you grab the 30 Day Blog Challenge button (use the code that's in the box below) to post in your blog post and once you publish your blog post, enter your link below so we can look at each other's posts.

When I saw this topic on the list, I knew what I was going to write about. Little did I know it would fall on this specific day. What I miss is our three babies in heaven and our K.C. (failed adoption). Jordan Taylor, was due on earth May 1999, but was born into heaven September 1998. Micah Jayden was due on earth September 2001, but was born into heaven January 2001. Noah Avrey was due on earth September 2004, but was born into heaven January 2004. Kerioth Cherie was a foster/adoption placement in 2003 and sadly had to be moved to a new placement because of some things that happened in her life before she was placed with us. As time has passed, most days I can handle this, but there are days like today (when we lost 2 of our babies), when the grief is really strong. There is so much we missed ~ their births, their first words, their first step, starting school, birthdays, and there is so much more we will miss ~ first dates, learning how to drive a car, high school graduation, college, marriage... God has taught us many things and good has been made in allowing us to minister to many others who have gone through similar experiences. However, there'll never be a day I don't miss our kids. Mamma loves you!

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  1. Yes, we do miss them....our grandchildren....and our three babies in heaven as well....some day....

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