Friday, August 30, 2013

A Walk to the Shopping Centre

Looking out our sitting room window this morning, the beautiful pink rose that has been there since we arrived on Monday is still lovely!

We tried online grocery shopping with delivery early in the week (that's very common here), but not knowing what is available here versus what was available in the US and/or what some things are called, it made it hard to shop. So, we took a walk (well, technically I took a ride since Russ pushed me in my wheelchair) about 5 minutes from our home to the closest shopping centre which has a supermarket. We had been there earlier in the week and knew they had a good selection and are very reasonably priced.

So, here are some pictures from our walk to the shopping centre. This is heading down the sidewalk just outside our front door.

These lovely bushes with flowers are just down the sidewalk from our front door.

A tiny snail next to the brick wall

Gosh, all these trees sure clutter up Scotland. ;-) LOL!

Just a few minutes later, we turn onto this path and can see the shopping centre ahead of us.

Such a beautiful blue sky today!

We've arrived at the shopping centre.

I love the skylights in the shopping centre. The natural light is wonderful! Not only is there a supermarket, but a few other choices as well including the Pound Store (essentially a dollar store like in the US, but it's a pound store because the pound is the currency here), pharmacy, a couple of clothes stores, mobile phone stores, and I'm not sure what else.

We went into the supermarket and actually started by walking through all the aisles to see what was available. Then we made a meal plan for the next week and then walked through the store again to get what we needed.

Finished up our shopping and began the walk home. I adore these rock and brick walls that line the paths.

There's even a stream on our way home (all of this is within a 5 minute walk of our flat).

Had to take another picture of the stream because it's just so beautiful!!!!

Almost home and still not used to the fact that vehicles drive on the opposite side of the road.

Made it home and put away the groceries. Put a chicken and rice casserole in the oven after I first converted the required temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Drank a cuppa tea with Damaris while watching Red Dwarf (a British sci-fi comedy). Ate some dinner and shared a Toblerone (OMG! Amazing!!!!) with Russ and Damaris for dessert. Finishing this post up and then I'm going to work on the knitting sock pattern that I'm currently designing.

That's it for today. Oh, I wanted to mention, Damaris and I co-host a weekly video podcast called Geeky Girls Knit. We recorded a new episode yesterday titled Episode 53 ~ In Which We Celebrate Our 1st Podiversary IN SCOTLAND! If you aren't interested in the whole episode, that's fine, but if you want to, you can fast-forward to 23:55 and watch through 48:58 to hear all about our travels and first few days here in Scotland.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Scotland Or Bust - Travel Days & Settling In

Travel Days:

Luggage checked. Security nightmare over. Waiting at the gate to board 1st plane.

Seat buddies

Made it to Newark airport. Pizza for lunch. Long layover.

Long layover = ice cream!!!!!

Russ is sharing his ice cream with Scotty Frog

Long layover = watching podcasts & designing a sock pattern

On the plane fixing to take off to head to Edinburgh.

Settling In:

watching a show on the telly (actually on the computer) in our new flat

The front door of our new flat in Edinburgh

a beautiful small pink rose just outside our sitting room window

a wireless router so I can be back online with all my lovely friends!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

The hallway in our new flat in our new city of Edinburgh

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Scotland Or Bust - The Goodbye Tour - Days 7 & 8


Loads of errands to run & people to see today prepping to leave on Sunday. Parking in between the yellow lines.

I WANT to be working on my new sock pattern design (which you're seeing the back side of in this pic) but I'm being forced to deal with paperwork & phone calls for the move instead.


In the background, time is passing as we get on a plane in a little over 12 hours.

Travel knitting is ready to go in my black & white & PINK backpack.

A Prayer for Today

Merciful God, as we pour out the wealth you have entrusted to us,
the parched places are watered;
as we cease our evil talk,
the rising light of peace dawns in the darkness.
So lead us into faithful living
that your promises may unfold in us
as a woman's back, long bent, unfolds at Christ's command,
to the praise of your holy name.

Prayer & Image Credit

Friday, August 23, 2013

Scotland Or Bust - The Goodbye Tour - Days 4, 5, & 6


Scotty Frog got all tangled up in my knitting needles.


Leaving New Mexico to go back to Texas

It's so hard to say goodbye!

A quick stop at Half Price Books to sell some books.

Chuy's for dinner. Somebody pass the creamy jalapeño sauce.

There's a knitting panda painting on the wall here at Chuy's.

Thankfully the traffic isn't super slow on our way out of Fort Worth.

Oldest WIP? My only WIP since I finished everything else before the move. Not showing you the design of these socks yet but it'll be a new sock pattern published hopefully in September.


Bags all packed and sitting in the bedroom ready to go to the airport on Sunday

My favorite people to craft for are my family (and myself!!!! Lol!)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Scotland Or Bust - The Goodbye Tour - Days 2 & 3


Scotty Frog enjoyed roast & potatoes made by Momma Wolfe for lunch.

Even Scotty Frog knows you can't always look on the bright side of life. Lol!

Spoke with Momma & Scotty Frog a lot today 😃


Scotty Frog almost got lost while browsing baby clothes for my new nephew. She saw other frogs & wanted to hang out with them.

Scotty Frog says that the texture of these Seamless Salomas Slippers is fantastic!!!