Monday, January 16, 2012

The 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 17

Welcome to Day 17 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge hosted by me, C.C., here at I'm On My Way and my online BFF Jamee at A New Kind of Normal. Today's assignment is to post a blog post about your celebrity crush. Make sure you grab the 30 Day Blog Challenge button (use the code that's in the box below) to post in your blog post and once you publish your blog post, enter your link below so we can look at each other's posts.

So, I couldn't pick just one celebrity because there are two men that I have loved for as long as I can remember. They even did some movies together! How about them apples!

The first is Sean Connery. Gotta love a bald man especially one with an accent.

One of my favorite movies of his is Entrapment with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The second is Harrison Ford. He's played so many different roles and looks amazing in all of them!

My very favoritist movie of his is Sabrina. And too make things even better, I love Julia Ormond's character and I love the dress she is wearing in this photo. I'd love to own the dress!

And then things get even better when Sean Connery is in a movie with, wait for it, Harrison Ford! Love the Indiana Jones films! (and I love exclamation points!!!!!)

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Looking forward to seeing your posts!

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  2. Awwww I loved SABRINA!!!
    I am such a Rob Lowe fan.......

  3. I have the soundtrack to Sabrina and know all the songs and can almost quote the movie. I <3 it!!!!!

  4. You know me & those accents -- totally on board with Sean! :-D

  5. Well, I'm bald.

    But I don't have a Scottish accent (just a Texas one) ... and I'm not old.

    I just feel like I can never measure up to these guys! :-(

  6. No you can't measure up because you are heads above them! I less than three you infinity to the infinity!

  7. Both men have definitely aged well! How is it that as men age and start to gray they look handsome and distinguished yet as women age and we start going gray, we just look old?

  8. Who you calling old sister????? LOL! :) They do look so distinguished & I look old with my yucky grays.


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