Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beauty, Makeup, and My Choice

Back on Day 11 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge, I shared that I don't wear makeup anymore. I had some people who were curious why and I'm more than happy to explain. Just haven't had the time to type it out, but I'm at the library with Russ while he's doing some work so I thought I'd try to see if I could get it done (I didn't get this finished at the library so it's now midnight and I'm trying to finish it - if there is a part that doesn't make sense, I blame trying to write it too late).

I remember as a pre-teen girl begging to wear makeup. When I was finally allowed to, I wore it almost all the time. I even sold makeup and beauty products for over 11 years. I didn't have many days when I wasn't hiding behind makeup. All my self-consciousness and desire for approval was painted on my face on a daily basis.

While I was doing my chaplaincy residency, I started having days when I wouldn't wear makeup. It started as just being the morning after an on call since I would be going home and to bed soon and saw no point (and many mornings didn't have time) in putting on makeup. It gradually spread to other days when I just didn't have the time or energy to mess with makeup.

Then last June, I ran across this blog post ~ (Un)Adorned. I felt really convicted as I read it. How many times had Damaris heard me say, "Don't take my picture. I don't have any makeup on!" As she gets closer to the age when we would consider letting her start to wear makeup, I came to similar realizations as the author of the (Un)Adorned post above. I shared the post with Russ and Damaris and told them that I had decided to stop wearing makeup. They were both very understanding and encouraging. Russ has told me for years that I'm beautiful without makeup and I'm finally beginning to realize that I am! As I've gone through this almost 9 months with no makeup, I've become more comfortable in my own skin. And if Damaris' post from the other day tells me anything, I think she is definitely getting it.

Thoughts? I know this is not a choice everyone will make or needs to make (and I'm ok with whatever choice you make). But for me, for now, and maybe forever, this is my choice and my new normal.

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  1. Words can not adequately describe how beautiful and sexy you are! I love you so much.

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing!

    Like you, in my "before" life, there wasn't a day that would go by without me putting my face on. Now, ironically, it's more surprising when I DO put it on as opposed to when I don't.

    I finally realized how infrequent my makeup wearing was when I couldn't even remember how long my pack of VS makeup wipes had been open!

    Now as for family events (and sometimes medical appointments, if I feel like it), I'll still wear makeup. But if I'm being totally honest, a lot of it is to waylay those "Oh, you look awful, you poor thing!" comments. I am naturally very pale and always have been. In fact, my mama could always tell if I was sick or faking by how big the circles under my eyes were. ;-)

    I applaud you for making this choose and especially for explaining to Damaris the "why" behind it. Kudos, mama!

  3. Oh, and PS -- I think it's wonderful that you are still showing your feminine side, that you can be girly, without being all painted up! :-)

  4. I've only been doing skin care, not makeup for awhile, too!

  5. Thanks BBF! I appreciate your comments. :)

  6. :) We love being girly with our nail polish especially! Damaris and I have turquoise nails right now. LOL!


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