Saturday, January 14, 2012

The 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 15

Welcome to Day 15 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge hosted by me, C.C., here at I'm On My Way and my online BFF Jamee at A New Kind of Normal. Today's assignment is to post a blog post about something you don't leave your house without. Make sure you grab the 30 Day Blog Challenge button (use the code that's in the box below) to post in your blog post and once you publish your blog post, enter your link below so we can look at each other's posts.

I was trying to decide what to blog about for today since there are numerous things I don't leave my house without - my purse, keys, cell phone, wallet, etc. That's all pretty boring though. So I decided I would share about my other constant companion when I leave the house - that is, my cane.

It's been over a year now that I've had to rely on a cane to help me get around. My tendency to stumble, lose my balance, not have strength to walk without a helping hand, etc. because of the fibromyalgia has gotten steadily worse. In the house, I'm close enough to walls and the like to be OK without it, but out and about, there's no way I'd leave home without it. And of course, it's a pink cane. Would you expect anything different?

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