Sunday, January 22, 2012

The 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 23

Welcome to Day 23 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge hosted by me, C.C., here at I'm On My Way and my online BFF Jamee at A New Kind of Normal. Today's assignment is to post a blog post of 20 facts about you. Make sure you grab the 30 Day Blog Challenge button (use the code that's in the box below) to post in your blog post and once you publish your blog post, enter your link below so we can look at each other's posts.

1. I love, love, love, love, love the color pink. A huge portion of my clothes are pink. Lots of my shoes are pink. Lots of my purses are pink. My cell phone is pink. My Kindle cover is pink. My laptop has a pink skin. My computer mouse is pink. Lots of our house decorations are pink. But I'm sure this news didn't surprise any of you!

2. I name inanimate objects. There's my Kindle - Lorelai. My laptop - Sookie. My cell phone - Rory. Our SUV - Luke. (And if you didn't catch it, these are all names of characters from my favorite tv show Gilmore Girls)

3. In about a week and a half, I'll celebrate my 13th blog anniversary.

4. My dream car is a pink VW Beetle. I have a beautiful silver VW Beetle charm on my keychain. I also have a small model of a pink VW Beetle that sits on the dashboard of our SUV. One of these days! :)

5. I was a cheerleader my freshman year. Our colors were green, white, and gold and our mascot was the cubs. I have a picture somewhere if you're interested. LOL!

6. I love, love, love, love, love to read. And I'm a really fast reader too. Librarians who have never met me usually do a double take when they see me checking out a dozen or so books at a time. I love my Kindle Fire that I got though because it's so much lighter than a traditional book. Plus, my friend Laura posts a few times a week about books I can get for free for my Kindle so I haven't paid a single penny for a Kindle book yet. Wahoo!

7. I really enjoy doing crafty and creative stuff. I've had numerous hobbies over the years - plastic canvas needlepoint, cross stitch, latch hook, knitting, and I'm learning to crochet now.

8. Speaking of being crafty and creative, I listen a whole lot better when my hands are busy. That's why I knit (or now crochet) during church and during other meetings as well.

9. I'm a pretty good singer. Made all-state choir all 4 years of high school. Went to college with a music scholarship (although I changed my major after awhile). My mom, sister, and I used to sing together at church all the time. Damaris is a great singer too!

10. I'm a big time list maker! I constantly have numerous lists going and sometimes I even write things on my list that I've already completed just so I can mark them completed.

11. I have a dark brown round birthmark on my left outer thigh and a light puzzle shaped birthmark on my right hip.

12. Until about a year or so ago, Russ had never seen my natural hair color. I dyed it for 15 or so years and I dyed it every possible shade of red plus pink once. My hair is much lighter than before I started dying it and I've got grays coming in.

13. Russ and I got married exactly 2 weeks before my 20th birthday. He was 23. Damaris was born 9 days after I turned 22.

14. Russ and I have lived in 13 houses/apartments in our 14 years and 4 months of marriage. The really sad thing is we lived in 1 house for 4.5 years and another house for 2.66 years.

(at this point, I started asking Russ for ideas of what to post; I vetoed a TON of them LOL!)

15. Our bathroom is decorated in cartoon frogs. I really like frogs except I don't like real frogs, only cartoon ones!

16. I have two tattoos. On my right inner wrist is the word grace written in cursive. On my left inner wrist is the word peace written in Hebrew (so the actual word is shalom). I got these two tattoos as a reminder of the grace and peace that God extends to me as well as the grace and peace that others have extended to me. In return, they remind me of the grace and peace I want to extend to others.

17. Sometimes I laugh so hard that my face turns red, I end up with a pain in my stomach, I can't breathe, and even then I can't stop laughing. Russ resorts to telling me to think of specific really awful things to force me to stop laughing.

18. When we are on car trips anywhere out of town, I take my shoes off and rest my feet on the dashboard. So invariably, I end up getting toe prints on the inside of windshield. They aren't usually visible until the windshield gets fogged up. Russ claims that it is almost impossible to remove the toe prints from the windshield!

19. I am 5'4.5" tall. Damaris is 12 years old and is only about 1 inch shorter than me. I wear a size 8.5 or 9 shoe and Damaris has been able to wear my shoes for about a year already.

20. I am an avid Dallas Cowboys fan. I was born in Grand Prairie, Texas, and was raised to be a fan. I'm a fan even when they are losing. However, I'm not a real football fan (at least according to Russ) because Dallas Cowboys football is the only football I'll watch.

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Looking forward to seeing your posts!


  1. How come you didn't say I was a good singer too?

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  3. You're a Cowboys fan too?!! Girl, we just have got to get out of each others' brains already.

    But the feet on the dash thing? Nope, not me, ever. I am WAY too paranoid. I don't wanna go flying through the windshield feet first. Of course, I'm also 5'8", so there's the comfort thing as well. ;-)

  4. Too funny! Since I'm shorter, the feet on the dash is perfect for me. :)


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