Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update on Foot Injury

I was so upset when I got home last night, I didn't even post an update on my foot injury. I saw a specialist yesterday. He determined that I don't have a stress fracture, but instead a very bad case of Peroneal Tendonitis. He put me on steroids for 6 days. Then I will take another prescription to continue decreasing the swelling. I have to keep wearing the walking boot for another month. He also prescribed custom made inserts for my shoes which insurance will not cover. In addition, & this is the part that just about killed me, after 5 minutes with me, he told me that he questioned my ability to be a hospital chaplain since I have to do so much walking. He said this will be an ongoing condition & that I should reconsider my career path. I got back to work & one of my supervisor's asked how the appointment went & I just burst into tears. I have such wonderful work colleagues, one of whom reminded me that we have a disabilities act in this country & even if it means doing visits in a wheelchair or on a motorized scooter, I could still be a hospital chaplain. Anyway, the expense of these inserts is really weighing on me. We are struggling financially because Russ hasn't found a job yet & we've been in for 9.5 weeks. It's not for lack of looking. The job market here is just really bad. You can read more about Russ' thoughts & this process on his blog at http://desperatetheologian.wordpress.com/2009/10/15/urgent-prayer-needed/. Please continue to hold us up in prayers. We see small blessings everyday & we're hanging out, but by a little thread that weakens everyday.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Damaris!

16061P 10th Birthday
10 Years Ago today, Damaris Mikaelia was born. I cannot believe she is 10 years old today. It seems that just yesterday she was a baby & now she is into the double-digits. :-) Happy Birthday Damaris! I love you princess girl!