Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tone and Affect


31 Days to Become a Better Writer - Day 22

Today's Challenge:
Let’s keep carving away at our dialogue and tweaking it. Today, write the dialogue between the two men in this picture. Be creative!

two people talking

"Hey! You there!" Gilbert shouted across the park.

Nathan looked around for the man whose voice he heard. Seeing a man in an orange jacket, he yelled back, "Are you talking to me?"

"Catch those papers!" Gilbert waved his arms pointing towards the trees.

"What?????" Nathan shrugged in confusion.

Gilbert continued to run towards Nathan trying to convey something to Nathan. Nathan saw some papers being swept towards the trees. He lengthened his stride and caught up with them. Picking up each of the pages, he glanced back to see Gilbert had almost reached him.

"I take it these are yours."

Gasping as he tried to catch his breath, Gilbert finally got the words out. "Yes, thank you, I don't know what I would do if I'd lost them."

"Glad I could help!" Nathan handed the papers to Gilbert and began to walk away.

"Wait! You look familiar. My name is Gilbert, Gilbert Watson."

The wheels turned in Nathan's mind. Why did that name sound so familiar? "Did you go to Edwards Elementary School back in the 80's?"

"Yes, yes I did. No, it can't be! You're Nathan Smith!" Gilbert gasped as he realized who had crossed his path.

"Gilbert, you moved, when was it, in the 5th grade. I can't believe it's you!" His best friend whom he hadn't seen in over 20 years was right in front of him and all because the wind blew through the park on this chilly fall day.

Conversations are hard for me. What about you?

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