Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stream of Consciousness Sunday ~ 3/18/12


Welcome to the Stream of Consciousness Sunday link up which I co-host with my BBF (best blogging friend) Shari from Rain Into Rainbows! Find out more information about SOCS here.

By the by, I'm writing these things as the week progresses, so if things seem out of order or strange for it to be occurring on a certain day, it's because I've been working on this post for a week. :D

Love the little purple flowers popping up all over town seemingly overnight. Yes, I know they're weeds, but they're still beautiful! :)

I am fairly certain the student loan companies are of the devil. And it seems that there is never a supervisor available when you need to speak to one and the customer service representatives never know how to help with whatever problem you have. My current issue is although I have updated my address with them and requested at least 3 times that my account be paperless (i.e. send me everything via email), they are still sending me everything in the mail and to my old address. Add to this that I have loans from both undergrad and grad school and they are for some idiotic reason sending me everything in triplicate, I am receiving approximately 75 pieces of paper from them a month (all sent to my old address). AGH!!!!!!

It's been the week for migraines. Haven't had this bad of migraines in a few months. Guess it's the stress of the week and the changes in the weather. I'll be glad when we have health insurance and I can see a doctor. Seems like it's time for a change in meds.

If you haven't seen these TED talks by Brené Brown, take 20 minutes (for each one) and watch them. They are well worth your time. The first one is The Power of Vulnerability and the second one is Listening to Shame.

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So what have you been thinking about this week? Let's hear your random thoughts!

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