Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stream of Consciousness Sunday


No, you haven't missed a day. It's Saturday and I'm posting about Sunday! That's because beginning tomorrow, I'll be co-hosting Stream of Consciousness Sunday with my bbf (best blogging friend) Shari from Rain Into Rainbows.

She already wrote a post about this and I'm stealing from her to give you an explanation about what Stream of Consciousness Sunday is:
So here’s what you do: gather the week’s random thoughts — things that you think of during the week that are share-worthy but not necessarily deserving of their own blog posts, like funny happenings, prayer requests, praises, cute photos, great product finds, burning questions, you have it. Throw ‘em all in a post. No complicated writing, editing, photos (unless you really want to), formatting, etc. Just blurt ‘em out.

Once your post is ready, visit either my blog or Shari's and link up (it’s the same linky on both sites so you only have to link once). That’s it — easy peasy. So zip those random thoughts up in a weekly post and link up. I’ll put the linky up on Saturday evening so you’ll have time to link whenever you get a chance.

Grab the Stream of Consciousness Sunday button and use it in your post and if you'd like, we'd love it if you would put the button in your sidebar as well!

Look for the linky later tonight. Can't wait to hear your random thoughts!!!!


  1. I like this too! :) Not sure if I'll be able to participate tomorrow. I'm trying to get ready for work travel on Monday. I sure hope you all do this every Sunday. I have so many thoughts that don't warrant their own post. Or maybe they do but I don't have time to. At least I could record them and when I have time return to the list and write about them. You two ladies are so creative!

  2. Yep, we plan to make this a weekly thing. Jump in whenever you can.

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