Monday, March 19, 2012

31 Days to Become a Better Writer - Day 10


Today's Challenge:
Read this article about the origin of St. Patrick’s Day. Write a 200-300 (word count is fluid...this is just something to aim for) word post about this article. You can write an overview or you can focus in on one aspect. Perhaps you have a family memory or tradition that ties into the article.

St. Patrick's Day Cookies

Growing up, all I knew about Saint Patrick's Day was that it was something about shamrocks and four leaf clovers and leprechauns and pots of gold and the end of the rainbow and the color green and pinching. Pinching? Who in the world thought of that? Although the article I read didn't cover it, I did a little hunting on the interweb and found out that it is an American tradition (probably dating back to the 1700's). Apparently there was a belief that wearing green made you invisible to leprechauns and thus, if you were not wearing green, the leprechauns would be able to see you and pinch you. People began pinching those not wearing green to remind them that they were visible to the leprechauns. Silly, right! Don't say I never told you anything informative! :)

However, in the last few years as I have learned more about the lectionary and the practices of other denominations, I have learned more about Saint Patrick and who he really was. I shared a bit of that in my Saint Patrick's Day post on Saturday. I think that of what I have learned about Saint Patrick, my favorite thing is the beautiful prayer shown above. It is one that has become part of my faith journey. I am grateful for Saint Patrick and his place in the Christian faith.

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  1. Did you actually make those adorable cookies? Did you find any information what leprechauns have to do with the Irish and St. Patrick's day?

  2. No, I didn't make them. The photo credit is at the bottom of the post. I didn't even think to look about the leprechauns. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. Huh -- you learn something new every day, dontcha? I had no clue about the pinching!

  4. Glad I could share the knowledge. :) You are welcome! LOL!


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