Friday, March 16, 2012

31 Days to Become a Better Writer - Day 9


Today's Challenge:
This weekend I want you to journal. It would be awesome if you wrote every day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) even if it is just a little something; a few words or thoughts. These are supposed to be unpublished, so don’t worry about blogging them or posting them.

I didn't want you to think I was slacking and not doing day 9 of the better writer challenge. However, you can see from the assignment above that we aren't expected to post our writings from today. I did want to write a bit about journaling though. The picture above is of my current pretty pink ribbon journal. I didn't really journal or write in a diary much growing up. However, when I started as a hospital chaplain, I began to journal quite a bit. Because I had to be careful about talking about what occurred with patients outside of the medical/educational environment, I found myself journaling quite a bit to process what was occurring. That meant I filled up quite a few journals in my two years as a chaplain. Now that I'm not working as a chaplain anymore and I'm blogging so much more, I am not journaling as much as before. I still do journal from time to time.

What about you? Do you journal?

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  1. I used to journal all the time. NOW I think my blogging is like journaling to me. I love the cover of your journal


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