Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 61 of 100 Days of Blogging

The passing of Sydney Pollack this past week sparked me to rewatch for the zillionth time my favorite movie of all time which Pollack directed. That is the 1995 version of Sabrina. Sabrina is based on a play by Samuel A. Taylor called Sabrina Fair. It played on Broadway over 300 times. In 1954, the original movie version was made starring Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina Fairchild, Humphrey Bogart as Linus Larrabee, and William Holden as David Larrabee. It was remade into my favorite version in 1995 with Julia Ormond as Sabrina Fairchild, Harrison Ford as Linus Larrabee, and Greg Kinnear as David Larrabee.

It's the story of the chauffeur's daughter who is in love with the younger Larrabee son who doesn't even know she exists. Sabrina travels to Paris to find herself and upon returning, attracts David's attention. The Larrabee family is in the midst of a huge corporate merger with David's fiancee's family, so Linus makes the decision to distract Sabrina until the merger is completed. What happens instead is that he, "the world's only living heart donor", falls in love with Sabrina.

I've had a video tape copy of this movie for years and practically wore it out watching it so much. Russ bought me the soundtrack early in our relationship and I still listen to it quite often. Russ replaced my video tape copy with a DVD copy last year and I've recently shared my love of the movie with Damaris. If you've never seen it, definitely find a copy. It's worth seeing numerous times :-)


  1. LOVE the movie :)!!! Know I want to watch Sabrina again.

  2. I'm confused. Isn't Sabrina a teenage girl with magical powers? :-) LOL.


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