Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 35 of 100 Days of Blogging

I've been taking a class in Theological Thought this semester. I'm currently putting together my notes for the final exam tomorrow. One of the possible essay questions on our final is the following and while I have my own opinions, I'd love to hear yalls:

What makes a church a church? In other words, what distinguishes a church from a para-church group or a dorm Bible study fellowship? Or is there a difference? Relate to the universal church and local church.


  1. church is the launchpad for community. i wouldn't have any of my Christian friends if it weren't for the church. because i either wrote about my church or because i attended.

  2. Jesus is the head and the focus of the group in both an inward and outward setting. And if I say any more I'll be here all night

  3. I don't think this is what you're looking for, but this is the first thing that came to mind:

    The "Church" is a body of believers...not a building. As our pastor often says "if somebody asked where Heritage Baptist Church is then someone could point them to this address. However, if they came here on Monday morning the "church" wouldn't be here. The church would be scattered all over the city at various homes and businesses."


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