Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 43 of 100 Days of Blogging

Allergies are kicking my butt. So, I thought today would be a good day to do the traditional blogger thing of allowing yall to ask questions and I'll answer them. So, post all your questions by midnight tonight and tomorrow's blog entry will be the answers.

what do you want to know about me?


  1. What's your favorite color? HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    When did you first learn to knit and who taught you?
    What is your personal mission statement?
    Did you ever go and get that tattoo?

  2. Ummm...Why don't you like watching football with me, I mean, in general-not just the Cowboys?

    Oh, I have another one. What is with the fixation on the Gilmore Girls? Isn't it all reruns now? I don't understand.

    Love ya!

  3. What is your favorite flavor of icecream?
    If money were no object, what you buy and why?

    Just curious:)

  4. Okay, I was thinking....nose ring, soon to be tattoo...soon to be licensed minister...how does this line-up with your Baptist background? Don't get me wrong...I love it but just curious. Are you accepted or are you finding yourself rejected?

  5. Have you always wanted to be a Hospital Chaplian?
    Do you have an Author that you always have to read their newest book? Have a great evening. Take care. Blessings.

  6. what's your real name? it drives me crazy not knowing.


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