Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 45 of 100 Days of Blogging

I've been a fan of Cindy Morgan for many years now. I recently reconnected with her music through I'm thrilled that I have been given the opportunity to hear her new album, Beautiful Bird, which will be available for purchase on May 20th. I'm reviewing it here as part of her blog tour.

Lay Me Down - This first track kind of threw me because it wasn't the traditional Cindy Morgan sound. It's got a really funky spiritual, soul, bluesy feel to it. The first time I listened, it was so not what I was expecting that it took a couple more listens for me to really get into it. I do have to say though that upon several listens, it's really a great song.

When It's Love - Now, this is the Cindy Morgan I remember. This is a great love song with a great beat.

I Wish - I could so resonate with this song. We all wish for so many things. What if these wishes came true? God is listening when we wish. Does that mean it will all come true? No. But I'm so thankful for a God who hears my wishes and walks with me in this journey.

Fine - This song had me ready to dance and a chorus that you can't help but sing along too. A beautiful song about keeping on keeping on.

The Sun Shines Through - This song has a story format. Easy to relate too for anyone listening.

Beautiful Bird - Title track of this album. It was written as a companion to the book by Cindy's husband Sigmund Brouwer entitled Broken Angel.

Two Roads - This is another track unlike Cindy's normal music. It has a great soul feel to it. Great reminder that God is always there with us and wants us to chose Him!

As A Child - Another beautiful Cindy song.

Lion and The Lamb - The musical score to this song is simply breathtaking! You can't help but feel that you are right there watching what Cindy is singing about.

Most of All - A reminiscing song. I'd be interested to hear the story behind this because you can definitely tell that Cindy was singing this about someone very dear to her.

In These Rooms - I'm wondering if this song also might correlate with Cindy's husband's book. I've not read the book, but the lyrics seem like they are telling a story and I can't help but notice the relationship between the use of the words "broken angel" which is the title of the book.

Overall, I loved this album. I think my favorite songs would have to be Lay Me Down, I Wish, and Fine. Don't forget to check it out for yourself on May 20th.

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