Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 36 of 100 Days of Blogging

OK, my stats say that there is up to 124 unique visitors coming by my fun blog daily and I'm curious who is reading. So let's have a check-in of sorts. comment and share the following:

Your name:
Do you blog and if so, what's the address:
Where are you from?:
What first brought you to my blog?:

So, come on yall, it's a great day to jump right in and comment here! Grace & Peace!


  1. Your name: Crystal Renaud
    Do you blog and if so, what’s the address: http://www.pinkhairedgirl.net
    Where are you from?: Kansas
    What first brought you to my blog?: I followed you after you came to mine! :)

  2. Name: Elyse Hahne
    Blog: liveandlearn711.blogspot.com
    From: All over-but currently from the DFW area
    Brought me to blog: You told me about yours

    PS- Good luck on your final :)

  3. Your name: Russell Almon

    Do you blog and if so, what’s the address:
    I haven't been but I plan on it at some point...

    Where are you from?: I live with you.

    What first brought you to my blog? You told me I had to read it.

  4. Name: Teresa

    Blog: http://vaqueenbee.blogspot.com

    I'm live in: Virginia

    I was on a yahoo group with you years ago, and saw where you posted on Amy O's blog and followed you here!

    Congratulations on your weight loss!

  5. Shanin VanBuskirkMay 6, 2008 at 9:59 AM

    Hey C.C. It's me, shanin from the pw list. Currently I am living in Idaho but I am an original from Oklahoma! I found C.C.'s blog from our pw list. I am a C.C. fan!

  6. Name: Amy Dare
    I live in California.
    I don't blog...but found you through the pw list.

  7. it is me, Cindy from PW lists...and I am in AR and yeah I blog all over the place ROFL..~C~

  8. I just joined the PW Yahoo Group and love your blog!! Mine is not nearly as cool :-)!! I live in Michigan.

    I have a friend who runs a grief ministry for people who have lost infants due to miscarriage, still-birth, SIDS or any infant death- I'm going to send along your website to her- I love the pages you have to your precious children in heaven. We have one baby- our Valentine's Boy (he was due Feb. 14th)- with Jesus.

    Will definitely keep checking in- I'm addicted to blogs and blogging!

  9. Name: Bryan
    2 of my 5 Blog(s): An Unfinished Person (In An Unfinished Universe)
    Journeying with St. Ignatius (and St. John of the Cross)
    I live in: Pennsyltucky
    I came to your blog: via Facebook, via SparkPeople where I first met you. I'm also a secret Gilmore Gals fan, don't tell anyone.

    P.S. I love your husband's response. Sounds like something my wife would write.


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