Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 46 of 100 Days of Blogging

LOST 4x12I'm a huge Thursday night TV fan (5 hours of shows that I watch religiously!).

LOST! I'm a HUGE fan! I won't spoil anything in case some of you haven't seen it yet, but I do have to say that last night's episode gave me my #2 favorite quotes from the series when Hurley's mom said, "Jesus is not a weapon!" And the look on Jack's face at his dad's memorial! OMG!!!!


ER! And I desperately need to know who was in that ambulance!

Smallville Lois and ClarkSmallville! And the scene where Lois is comforting Clark after he watches the DVD from Lana. WOW!

OK, enough about tv. Just had to get those thoughts out though.

On a different note, woo-hoo! Our economic stimulus tax refund is in our account today and it's more than we were expecting. Got to love that. What are you using your refund for? Ours is going to bills. Oh well, it's nice to have a little cushion.


  1. Ummm...bills AND books! :-)

  2. Big month for us since the stimulus came at the same time as the pay for our online classes. So far, we've paid off my surgery and have bought a dinette from a Consignment Shop. We also plan to buy some camping stuff and a new mattress for our bed. If there's any left, it will sit there and make interest.

  3. Classes, books, and clothes money. What else is there?:)

  4. [...] spoil anything in case some of you haven??t seen it yet, but I do have to say that last night??s 50 and Living with HIV FOX 5 News AtlantaATLANTA FOX 5 -- At 61, lana Taylor has her hands full [...]

  5. Glenn is crazy about LOST. I wish now I would have gotten into it, but am so far back now, no hope. ha We do both love Smallville, wouldn't miss it. I thought the same thing about Lois. We all know who Clark ends up with, so this is the beginning??? I suppose so.

    Our stimulus (not yet here) is going to pay for a trip to see my parents in Florida... not yet sure when we are going- I am sure we will pay bills too.


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