Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 44 of 100 Days of Blogging

And now, here are the answers to your questions.

From Rebekah:
What’s your favorite color? HAHAHAHAHA!!! - obviously my favorite color is pink LOL!
When did you first learn to knit and who taught you? - I first learned to knit in 2005. I am a self-taught knitter. I bought a kit from Walmart with lessons in it and away I went. It is truly a relaxing thing for me to do.
What is your personal mission statement? - Coram Deo which means living all of life in the presence of God, under the authority of God, and to the glory of God.
Did you ever go and get that tattoo? - not yet, plans are to do that sometime this summer

From my hubby Russ:
Ummm…Why don’t you like watching football with me, I mean, in general-not just the Cowboys? - why watch any other teams, the Cowboys are the best. LOL!
Oh, I have another one. What is with the fixation on the Gilmore Girls? Isn’t it all reruns now? I don’t understand. - the Gilmore Girls is just a tv show I resonated with in many different arenas and I just fell in love with the show. Yes, it's all reruns now, but it's such a pleasant hour when I get to sit down and watch. It's like an old friend visiting over and over again.

From my daughter Damaris:
Do you like Hannah Montana? - she's ok, I'm not a huge fan, but she seems to be a good example for younger kids and thus far, I'm ok with you watching her and listening to her music :-)

From Elyse:
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? - chocolate chip cookie dough
If money were no object, what you buy and why? - a house so that we'd be able to stop paying overpriced rent and have a place all our own

From Shanin:
Okay, I was thinking….nose ring, soon to be tattoo…soon to be licensed minister…how does this line-up with your Baptist background? Don’t get me wrong…I love it but just curious. Are you accepted or are you finding yourself rejected? - No, it doesn't line up with my upbringing. I was brought up in a very traditional Southern Baptist church where the women were allowed to work with the kids and teach each other, but that's about all I remember a woman doing. I don't think those from my background approve of where I'm going or what I'm doing, but God is leading me in this direction and ultimately, He is the One I answer too. We're so blessed to have a supportive church here in Abilene that respects women in ministry and encourages it, so I'm glad God brought us to this place at this time because, honestly, I was to that place where I didn't know what to do because I was feeling called to do something and outside of Russ and Damaris, had no support in what I felt God was calling me to do. OK, that was a long rambling answer. I hope I answered your question.

From Sara:
Have you always wanted to be a Hospital chaplain? - No, this is something that has occurred in the last year. I knew I felt called to ministry but wasn't sure where God wanted me. I had never even thought about chaplaincy until one night watching ER on tv (I know, I know, I've been watching since day 1 though and can't stop now) and saw a female hospital chaplain. Within a week's time, God just dumped it all in my lap and said, "Hey C.C., this is where I want you!" Now I can't imagine doing anything else.
Do you have an Author that you always have to read their newest book? - Janette Oke is one of my favorites as well as Lori Wick. I haven't had time for a lot of recreational reading though since I'm back in school and have all these textbooks to read.

From Crystal:
what’s your real name? it drives me crazy not knowing. - LOL, what are you willing to do to find out? Not really. C.C. stands for Christie Cherie. I've never been a fan of my first name, so shortly after Russ and I got married, I started going by my initials. Everyone calls me C.C. now except for my family who can't get over me preferring to go by my initials and Russ occasionally slips and calls me Christie and people look at him like he's insane and wonder what other woman is in his life. LOL!

Thanks to everyone who posted one (or more) questions. This was fun! Maybe we'll do this again sometime.


  1. Hey C.C. thanks for the question and answer segment of your blog! I love it. I am so happy that you have answered the call on your life and you have a supportive family and church! Obediance to God is way better than people pleasing!

  2. OK, here is my responses to your answers:

    1. The cowboys are the best? Huh! I'm a fan but did you see how they came apart at the end? And Romo gets the contract and then totally comes apart at the end! If he doesn't get it together I am not hopeful for this season.

    2. And why not watch football just because its football. I have my favorite teams, but I like to watch just because its football. And you could watch with me. I mean, I go to knitting club with you sometimes, I go shopping with you, I help with the AVON sometimes, I even do the dishes! Watching football with me would be a great act of community for us.

    3. The Gilmore Girls show is just crazy and you become like a mini Gilmore Girls episode when you watch - which means that I have no hope of keeping up.

    4. I have prayed for a long time that you would find what God has for you personally as well as us together. I knew from the day I met you that you would not be a typical pastor's wife. I started praying for this then and tried to get you to be more deeply involved in things but I never wanted to push you were you felt uncomfortable. I sensed that God was trying to lead you into something. Something inside me told me that while we were at Logsdon that God would clarify some things for us. And now it seems that God has given us so much to do I don't know how we will accomplish it all. But God will make a way.

    5. As a clarification - I call you "Christie" when it is just you and I, when we are at home, or even when I am talking to you directly in public. I fell in love with you as Christie so it is just hard to call you "C.C." So, I call you by your given name (Christie) or "sweetie" or "hey you" or "sexy". But when I am talking to someone else and I say something about you I try to call you by "C.C." so that the other person won't be confused. Most of the time it comes out something like, "Christie said ..." and then when the other person is looking at me like, "Who is Christie?" then I say, "Oh, C.C. said..." and then they say, "Ohhh!" But none of this is my fault since your the one who decided to change not only her name but the spelling multiple times. The confusion over this has lessened since we have come to know people here. When we move to Lubbock it will start all over. Then again people wonder who in the world "Bubba" is also. But I didn't choose that nichkname for me either, did I? I don't object to it (in fact, I quite like it) but it seems that you are the one responsible for all the name changing around here.


  3. WOW! Thanks for responding to the questions! How is maymester going?

    Hang in there! :)

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  5. isn't it fun to have something to blog about. I love it! Sorry I missed out on the questions. H

  6. Those area great answers. Thank you for answering them all. I liked that you did this and I just might have to do this also on my blog. Have a great day. I am doing well. Keeping busy though overall liking it. Take care. Blessings.


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