Saturday, April 5, 2008

Day 5 of 100 Days of Blogging

I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!! With my new cell phone that is. My Palm Treo 700p arrived this morning and I've been playing with instead of writing papers like I should be doing. I think I've got it mostly figured out. It's taken some time to enter in my contacts (only part of which I've entered, I'll enter the rest either as a break from writing papers or after I actually finish writing the papers). My one question or debate that I'm having is regarding e-mail. I'm pondering whether I should move all my e-mail into my cell phone or if I should just set it up to be able to send e-mails when necessary and continue utilizing my laptop for e-mail. At this point, I'm around my laptop most of the time. However, next year when (yes I'm saying when and thinking positive) I do my clinical residency, I won't be around my laptop as much, so that probably will necessitate a move of my e-mail completely to my cell phone. So should I take the plunge now or wait? What do yall think? OK, I've really got to get to these papers now. Have a great weekend!


  1. It would depend on what type of blogging platform you use. It's one of my main reasons that I switched to gmail about 3 years ago. I can check it via my phone or my computer (or any computer for that fact). I want something that is set up to meet my needs, not the other way around. To me, it was a waste of time to go to my phone when I'm already sitting at my computer to have to check my email.

    I *think* that if you have a pop account for your email, you can automatically import it into gmail so you wouldn't even have to change your email address to use it.

  2. @mymundanemusings - BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!! I had no clue gmail could do that. I will set that up now and that will solve my problems. Thank you so much!


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