Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 4 of 100 Days of Blogging

Yes, I have completely and totally lost my mind. OK, to catch up those who don't know, I am currently a Master of Divinity student at Logsdon Seminary in Abilene, Texas (Logsdon is part of Hardin-Simmons University). I swore I wasn't ever going back to school, yet here I am. I have struggled with what my place in ministry is for quite some time and about 6 months ago, God gave me my answer. I am to be a hospital chaplain. So, I have put in my application at Covenant Hospital in Lubbock, Texas, to do my clinical residency in the Clinical Pastoral Education program. This is a year-long residency, which if I get accepted, will begin in August, 2009 (the program tends to fill up about a year in advance, thus the reason I've applied so early). I will be doing my interview with them sometime in June.

Anyway, now that I've spilled all that out, my goal is complete all my coursework for my M.Div. prior to beginning my residency (which will then provide my final 6 hours of my degree and I will graduate with my M.Div. in 2010). So, my insane brain for some reason thought that I had completed more hours than I actually have. I met with my adviser yesterday to register for classes and this is the outcome.
May, 2008 (all day long for a week class) - a Christian ethics course called Money, Sex, and Power
Summer 1, 2008 (all day long one day a week for 5 weeks) - New Testament course in the Synoptic Gospels
Summer 2, 2008 (all day long for a week class) - New Testament course in John
Fall, 2008 - Old Testament Exegesis course; New Testament course in the Gospels and Acts; Spiritual Formation course; and Advanced Systematic Theology I (for a total of 11 hours)
Spring, 2009 - Christian History; Baptist Heritage and Thought; Pastoral Ministry: Principles and Practices; Evangelism; and Capstone Seminar (for a total of 12 hours)
Summer, 2009 - 6 hours of electives
August, 2009 to August, 2010 - CPE Clinical Residency which will count for Supervision in Ministry I & II (6 hours of coursework)

I told my adviser yesterday that I was just going to move into the seminary for the next year! YIKES!

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  1. Well at least you are doing it! You can communicate with people so well and I believe that this is an awesome field for you to go into. Yes it will be hard! But you are CC and you can do this. I believe in you.

    I am looking at 18 to 21 hours for next semester. Some people call me crazy, but I believe I can do this. So we both will be mad women on a misson. Yes you are in grad school and I am only a undergrad. But I feel your pain!

    Your may and summer courses for 2008 sound really cool! I know you can do it!! :) :)


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