Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 21 of 100 Days of Blogging

Thanks for the insight on grace. I'd love to hear more comments on this as it is something that God just keeps bringing up in my life, so He must be trying to teach me something.

On to today's blog entry - on one of my e-mail groups, the following question was posed and I'd love to hear your answers. Mine is below.

If money and time were NO object, where would you take your family on vacation this summer?

My answer -
Fly out of Lubbock, TX, to somewhere on the West Coast to take a cruise up to Alaska.

Then fly to Florida and get on another cruise ship that would take us to the Bahamas and then all the way up to Prince Edward Island.

Then we would return to Florida where we would then do the whole Disneyworld type stuff.

LOL! I sure can dream can't I?????
That's not me by the by. :)


  1. You know you'd have to come see your bestest friend in Lubbock before you fly off... :)

  2. OK, yes, we can see friends in Lubbock but I am not so big on Florida (yes, I know DisneyWorld is there) or the Bahamas - its way too hot and humid there in the summer and I don't like hot weather. However, I feel real good about Alaska and am OK with Prince Edward Island. I would also suggest we go to Colorado and perhaps a stop or two in Oregon and Washington state. Also, perhaps this is random but I've also wanted to go to Scotland.

  3. That is some great plans girl. I like the idea of a cruise.

    I want to go on another one of those so that is what I would do and also probably go to Califorina and Hawii. I also think that going down to South America would be neat. This all I would do if money were no object. Have a great day. Take care. Blessings.

  4. NASCAR baby!!! probably Homestead track and then wrapped up with a Alaska cruise for two (me and my darling)



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