Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Honest Scrap

I was blank about what to blog about today until I read Elyse's blog entry for today. So, here is my

First list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
1 - I'm a really sarcastic, snarky person! (and yes, snarky is really a word, look it up)
2 - I really, really, really hate crowds. Thus, the main reason I finish Christmas shopping by the end of October.
3 - I am addicted to the internet. There, I admit it. My laptop Sookie is on 24/7. I check my e-mail about a zillion times a day.
4 - And in relation to the #3, I HATE when someone else wants to use my computer. I have things set up the way I like them and I don't want anyone else messing with them.
5 - And I'm also addicted to changing my desktop background. I seriously have an entire file folder full of websites I utilize to find new backgrounds.
6 - Changing topics, I really hate when people use bigger words than are necessary. It's not a positive thing to have to have a dictionary handy when reading a book or listening to someone talk. How have I made it through seminary????
7 - I talk to myself quite often. How else does someone work out those deep issues?
8 - I am a major list maker. I have a continual to do list on my computer which is also accessible via my cell phone Rory. I also make lists of meal plans, shopping, packing, classes, homework assignments, etc., etc., etc.
9 - I'm also addicted to tv. Have way too many shows I like to watch! But I need those times to just veg in front of the tv and not think (other than when I'm watching LOST & Fringe, you can't veg and watch those two shows).
10 - I love purses and shoes. The entire top shelf of my walk-in closet is stacked with purses. And I purge them once a year, which means I buy a new purse way too often!

Second, tag 7 people to participate.
Uh, no! If you want to play, go for it. Make sure and comment if you post your honest scrap so I can read what you wrote.

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