Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bullet Point Sunday

no church for us today b/c Damaris woke up running a fever and with a sore throat
went grocery shopping by myself this morning & it was such a peaceful experience; plugged in my mp3 player headphones and listened to a sermon while I shopped
I took an almost 4 hour nap this afternoon
it's been such a relaxing day since I have scheduled not to do schoolwork on Sundays this semester
spent a total of about 5 hours putting together a list of all my school assignments for the semester & then figuring out a schedule to get them all done
Damaris & I are excited about no school tomorrow; we're sleeping in lol!
my Grpa isn't doing well; we don't expect that he will make the 3 months the dr's have given him
I threatened to give up being online this week as it was a pretty tough one especially in one group I help to moderate
I'm pumped that I'll be watching the new season of LOST in less than 72 hours!
I decided to take a break from the acrylic fingernails I've been wearing pretty much non-stop for years now. I found out that my nail tech gives manicures for half the price I was paying for the acrylic fingernails and she does an awesome hand and arm massage as part of the manicure.
I found a massage therapist here in town that offers student prices. Expecting some extra money in a couple of weeks & then I plan to go get a massage to see if it will help with my back, neck, shoulder & hip pain.
Another busy week of school ahead. Have a great week yall!

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