Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bullet Point Sunday

another week has passed us by, can't believe we're coming up on February already
it's been a heartbreaking week with my friend Cindy losing her 14 year old son
had an amazing time of prayer this morning during our community time at church
feeling convicted lately about the need for me to spend more time in prayer
because my mind tends to wander very easily....what was I talking about again LOL!...I do best when I pray out loud, so I've been praying in the shower in the mornings
loved, loved, loved the LOST episodes this week; seen them twice already; lots of theories & even more questions
introduced Damaris to "Back to the Future" this weekend; she's ready to watch #2 & #3 already
the weather this week has been insane; highs in the 80*'s one day; highs in the 30*'s the next
apparently scarves are in fashion again; dug out my box with scarves & wore one today; bought 3 at Walmart with some of my Christmas money too
had a bit of a trying week with someone using Scripture to say some nasty things about me; Russ was such a support during all the mess; I'm so blessed to have him!
been trying some guided relaxation podcasts and they are really helping with my stress level (when I find time to do them that is)
today is 8 years since our Micah Jayden was born into Heaven and 5 years since our Noah Avrey was born into Heaven; my arms still yearn to hold them (and their sibling Jordan Taylor) every single day
another busy week ahead, have a blessed one friends!


  1. Prayers go out to the family that lost their son! Seems like I do need to spend more time in prayer as well. Love your post today :)

  2. CC: Praying for you on the remembrance of your children. Wonder if they've met my two?


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