Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bullet Point Update

*Spent last week in a week-long intensive class.
*Class subject was Issues of Integrity in the Ministry.
*Wrote a Covenant for Life & Ministry yesterday.
*Hard to believe at this time next year, I'll be a third of the way through my chaplaincy residency.
*Life in the real world! What a change that will be!
*I've been suffering from blogging writer's block.
*I typically have alot to say so this has been strange for me.
*I've been listening to Mars Hill podcasts recently.
*Listened to some really good sermons from their guest speakers last summer.
*Sadly one of our favorite SciFi shows had it's series finale on Friday (Stargate Atlantis).
*Not sure how I feel about the new Stargate series coming later this year (Stargate Universe).
*I posted my 3,000th Twitter earlier this week.
*If you aren't following me, you should be.
*I've been dealing with a horrific amount of back, shoulder blade, & hip pain recently.
*We suspect that I might have fibromyalgia.
*It can be hereditary and my mom has it.
*I also meet all the symptoms found on the lists I've found.
*Don't want to get an official diagnosis yet because I'll have insurance in August & don't want a pre-existing condition battle.
*Looking at going to a local massage therapist to see if a session or two a month with her would help with my pain.
*In the mean time, my massaging heat pad has become my new best friend.
*Said goodbye this week to one of the first friends I made after moving here.
*Ready to be settled down somewhere where we can build some longer term relationships.
*Damaris' fish Gilbert died this week.
*Debating whether to get another betta fish or some other kind.
*Really planning to knit this as soon as the pattern creator adjusts the pattern from tiny to a bigger size.
*I've gotten alot of knitting done this week on another Christmas stocking.
*I WILL finish all these stockings before Christmas, 2009!
*I cannot wait for the new episodes of LOST starting in 10 days!
*I've rewatched all of seasons 1, 2, & 3 recently.
*Will finish rewatching Season 4 before the new episodes start.
*Spring semester starts tomorrow.
*I'm taking 5 classes this spring - Capstone, Supervision in Ministry 2, Evangelism, Baptist Heritage & Thought, & American Christianity.
*After the spring is over, I'll take 2 classes in the summer.
*Then I graduate!
*Well, Russ & I both graduate!
*But there is no August graduation.
*So we'll have to come back to Abilene in December to graduate.
*Better get off here & figure out something for dinner.
*Have a great week yall!

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  1. mean that I am graduating again...right? ;-)


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