Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things

After being tagged about twenty gazillion times on Facebook to do this, I'm finally giving in.

1~ My favorite color is pink. Although Damaris reminded me this morning that my favorite color used to be yellow and it was hunter green for a while too. However, I am now committed to pink as if that is not obvious if you are around me for 5 minutes.
2~ I am addicted to the tv shows Gilmore Girls and LOST. I have named numerous inanimate objects after Gilmore Girls characters. I also demand that no one speak to me at all while watching LOST. It is the one tv show I cannot multi-task while watching. Anything else, I can knit or carry on a conversation or play on the computer or whatever, but with LOST, it must have my complete attention.
3~ I am also addicted to coffee. I drink about a pot every morning. I like it sweet though, thus my need for Splenda (sugar just won't do).
4~ I am also addicted to Diet Cokes. Preferably from Sonic because how can you not just love Sonic ice.
5~ My hubby Russ has never seen my natural hair color. Seriously! We've been married 11+ years and knew each other for 2 years prior to that & he's never seen it.
6~ I love big earrings. You know the kind that hit you in the face when you turn your head? Yep, those are the ones I wear.
7~ I like frogs, not real ones, but the cartoony looking cute ones. Our bathroom is full of frogs. My sister even gave me a frog themed Christmas gift including a stuffed animal frog that snores when you press it's hand, a prince frog votive candle holder, and a frog Christmas ornament.
8~ I have more online friends than I do real-life friends. It's hard to explain that sometimes when I'm telling someone about something about one of my online friends only to have explain that we've never met in real life.
9~ I love music that I can turn up loud and sing along too. I'll listen to almost any type of music. For example, as I type this, the Singers & Standards music channel is on the tv.
10~ I have two tattoos. They are both on my inner wrists. One says grace and the other says peace (shalom in Hebrew).
11~ I also have my nose pierced. It has a small pink stud in it (as if you would have guessed any differently).
12~ I love short haircuts. Russ on the other hand would prefer me to grow my hair long, but I have so much hair that it gives me migraines because of the weight of it. So I always come back to chopping my hair off short. And I love it!
13~ I'm a huge klutz! I own my own pair of crutches because I have to use them so often. Usually for a sprained ankle or a messed up knee. It's also atypical for me not have some kind of bruise on me but I rarely know what causes the bruises although I suspect it's the fact that I run into things like doors and walls a little too often.
14~ I homeschooled Damaris for 4.5 years before putting her in public school this past August. She is thriving well there!
15~ The reason we put her in public school is because I will be working full-time starting in August as a hospital chaplain and I won't have time to homeschool her anymore.
16~ We are relocating to Lubbock, Texas, in August for my hospital chaplaincy residency. My sister, brother-in-law, nephew, & niece live there.
17~ We are considering moving overseas after I finish my residency. 2010 could be an exciting year for us.
18~ I love, love, love purses! I have to purge about twice a year because I have so many. I change which purse I carry at least once a week.
19~ I love pointy toed high heels, but after reading #13, you should know that I rarely wear them.
20~ I am also addicted to the internet. My email is open 24/7 and I check it often. If I'm away from my computer, I typically check my email on my phone.
21~ Apparently, I have a very addictive personality. At least I'm not addicted to something bad for me like smoking or drugs.
22~ We think I have fibromyalgia. Long story about why we think that, but I'm not going for an official diagnosis until August when I have health insurance. Otherwise it will be considered a pre-existing condition.
23~ I'm going for a massage on Wednesday to see if that will help with the back, hip, and shoulder pain I'm having because of the fibromyalgia. I found a massage therapist who offers a student discount, so I'm excited to see if she can help me.
24~ I type around 100 words per minute. Russ handwrites his papers for school & I type them for him because I type so much faster than he does & it annoys me to watch him take so long to type.
25~ I am most thankful for the relationship with Jesus and for the wonderful family He has given to me in my husband Russ & our daughter Damaris.

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  1. CC, now I feel like I know you even better!


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