Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Project #3 - Freezer Paper Stencil Shirts

Can't believe this is already our 3rd month doing a Pinterest project! Here's what I pinned on my For Others board (this is the board where I pin stuff for Russ, Damaris, my sister, etc.).

It linked to this Stay At Home Artist post about making freezer paper stencil shirts.

Damaris and I both decided to make shirts. We began by printing out the text/design we wanted. We then put the printout underneath the freezer paper and traced it in sharpie.

Next, we used an X-Acto knife to cut out the places on the freezer paper where we wanted to paint to be on the shirts.

Here is mine all cut out.

Then we ironed the freezer paper to the shirts.

Then the painting began (after putting a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so that the paint wouldn't seep through onto the back of the shirt).

After two coats of paint and allowing it to dry to the touch, we began pulling the freezer paper off the shirt.

Then we let the paint dry more overnight before we heat set the paint by ironing on the wrong side of the shirt.

Here's my finished product (computer keyboard with the words "i blog" underneath):

Here's Damaris' finished product (a Doctor Who inspired shirt with checkmark boxes next to the words "single", "taken", and the one which is checkmarked "waiting for a mad man with a box"; we also did a bit of improvising on her shirt because a spot got on it while we were ironing the freezer paper on so she had me paint tally marks over it and in two other spots which is something Doctor Who related that I don't totally understand but that she loved, so it worked out):

Happy crafters!

I love my Maris!

This was a fun project even if it was labor intensive to cut out the stencils. We both really love our shirts.


  1. Great job!! Both of your shirts turned out NICE!!

  2. Thanks Jenny! They were lots of fun to make.

  3. You two are adorable. I LOVE YOUR BLOG SHIRT!!! IT looks like quite a process though...I'll just admire yours. NExt time make two and raffle one off!!!

  4. <3 Kathy! You totally cracked me up. Damaris has her headphones in listening to something for school & she paused it to ask what I was laughing so hard at. :)

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