Sunday, May 10, 2009

Poems by Damaris

Damaris gave me a book of poems this morning. She wrote all of them. Thought I'd share a few with you.

Pink is the feeling you get when you blush.
Pink is seeing clouds floating across the evening sky.
Pink is the sound of flower petals falling.
Pink is the taste of little candies.
Pink is the color of diamonds, jewels, and new beads.
Pink is the smell of dawn.
Pink is lovely, warm, and soft.
Pink is a color that is calming.

I Am
I am kind and sweet
I wonder why there is no such thing as magic
I hear a dolphin's cry
I see a beautiful ghost
I want to know magic things are real
I am kind and sweet
I pretend I am a dolphin girl
I feel the ghost's hand touching my cheek
I touch the dolphin's body
I worry about the world
I cry for Grandfather
I am kind and sweet
I understand the world is hateful
I say God is important
I dream to be an authoress
I try to be my best
I hope I will make new friends
I am kind and sweet

A Princess
Lovely, Rich
Running, Jumping, Playing
She is a lovely girl

Does not live on land
Only lives in water
Likes to swim
Petting them is fun
Has fins and flippers
It lives in salt-water and rivers
Never goes out of the water


  1. Damaris is such an wonderful, special gift to all of us as a gift from God. I am so blessed for her to be in my life.

  2. CC, those are some excellent poems that Damaris wrote. Tell her not to give up on writing. It will help her in the future.

  3. Damaris is well on her way to being an authoress. Damaris has been a princess since she was born. Damaris loves pink ~ as she has told me ~ a girl has to have her pink! I can sense some of Damaris' inner feelings in her poetry ~ crying for her Grandfather, trying to be her best, God is important, dreaming, the dolphin, etc. What a special gift for Mother's Day!
    B Ma

  4. What a great poet! I love the dolphin ones! :)


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