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Time for my thoughts on this week's episode. There are numerous sites that do recaps so I'm not going to necessarily do that, but I am going to share my thoughts on what happened.


Season 5, Episode 16 - The Incident
~so much emotion and shocking stuff in this episode, I laughed, I cried, I was sick to my stomach, I was screaming, WOW! Amazing episode for sure!
~the blanket/wall hanging being woven in the opening scene obviously had Egyptian writing on it, what was the significance? I'm wondering if it's Jacob's rules for the island or something in that vein
~interesting talk about the loophole, we heard that word several times last night, hmmmm....
~was completely shocked and gasped outloud when we finally saw Jacob for the first time, made me want to watch again for Season 1 to see if Jacob was ever in any other episodes and we just never noticed
~wondering who the guy talking with Jacob was
~Russ & I discussed a couple of different theories about Jacob & this other guy, my first thought was God & Satan especially seeing them wearing white and black, better thought though is Jacob & Esau, especially once we see Jacob giving blessings to several of the O6
~random thought - wonder what time period the beginning clip was in after seeing the ship with sails, definitely not present time period
~laughed out loud when I saw Kate steal a New Kids on the Block lunchbox, you've got the right stuff, baby, you're the reason that I sing this song, lol, ok back to LOST
~found it interesting that Jacob made both Kate & Sawyer promise him something only for them to completely break those promises
~not sure what the deal with the Ajira passengers discussing Frank as the possible candidate was about, was hoping for some clarification but never got any last night
~literally screamed at the tv when Nadiya was hit by the car and died
~the shootout in Dharmaville was as violent as I remember the show being, that was a tad bit overwhelming for me
~love, love, loved that we got to see Vincent, Bernard, & Rose last night; I love that they retired off by themselves; such a beautiful couple
~Russ was asking me about the ashes around the cabin; if I remember correctly, the circle of ashes was complete when someone was inside the cabin (Jacob, Claire, Christian), but now that they are broken, no one is inside; any other insight on this one?
~wondering what happened to Iliana that she was wrapped in bandages in the hospital
~the scrap of cloth in the cabin was from the wall hanging in the beginning of the episode, correct?
~found the title of the book Jacob was reading, Flannery O'Connor's Everything that Rises Must Converge, very interesting in light of all we've seen happen in this show thus far
~it almost appeared that Jacob touching John after his father pushed him out the window brought John back to life, interesting!
~the blessing Jacob gives at Sun & Jin's wedding was one of the blessings I alluded to earlier
~how come if Jacob lives in the statue, he has always been in the cabin when we saw him before last night?
~I've seen the fight between Jack and Sawyer coming for awhile, they really have it in for each other
~what Juliette's parents said to her completely broke my heart, "Just because two people love each other doesn't mean they are supposed to be together"
~And then the discussion between Juliette and Sawyer, oh my gosh! "What we had was just for a little while" & "If I never meet you, I'll never have to lose you"
~Jacob and Hurley talking is another time when the blessing is mentioned, Jacob telling Hurley that he is not cursed, but blessed
~the O6 are back together to try to work things out, loved the live together, die alone line!
~And then all h-e-double hockey sticks breaks lose! The magnetic stuff beats the crap out of everyone!
~the scene between Sawyer & Juliette had me literally crying my eyes out both times I watched the episode; I think this is the only time we've seen Sawyer emotional like this; this completely reminded me of the was it Season 3 finale with Desmond & Penny professing their love over the telephone; priceless lines! "Where you think you're going blondie" "Get those chains off, hold on" "I've got you" "I can't" "I got you"
"Don't you leave me" "It's ok" "I love you" "You don't let go" "I love you James, I love you so much"
~finally we find out the answer to the "What is in the shadow of the statue" question; Richard speaks Latin and says "Ille qui nos omnis servabit." Translation: "He who will save us all." So who is going to save them?
~holy crap about the dead Locke! So is the alive Locke really Locke or is it someone impersonating Locke? This one has me completely baffled!
~the loophole is mentioned again when Ben & Locke go inside the statue to see Jacob
~Another great set of lines was Ben's speech "Oh, so now after all this time, you've decided to stop ignoring me, 35 years I lived on this island and all I ever heard was your name over and over, Richard would bring me your instructions, those slips of paper, those lists, and I never questioned anything, I did as I was told, but when I dare to ask to see you myself, I was told you have to wait, you have to be patient, but when he asked to see you, he gets marched straight up here as if he was Moses, so why him, hmmm, what about me that was so wrong with me, what about me"
~I didn't know if Ben would go through with it, but he did. Just stabbed Jacob and meant it!
~What the crap was the deal with John kicking Jacob into the fire? Completely LOST about this!
~then Juliette gives her life to explode the bomb, what an amazing ending to an amazing season!
~Next winter, destiny is found. Who's eye do you think it was in the flash at the end of the preview for season six? My first guess is Jack. Any thoughts?
~Well gang, it's been an amazing season. Thanks for coming along on this wild ride with me. See you in a little over 7 months!

There's my thoughts for what it's worth. Tune in through the next few months for new thoughts & clips on what's happened & what's to come, & next year for the final season of LOST.


  1. I have just a couple of things. First, its not such a big deal really...buuut you didn't mention the Jacob-Esau theory was mine...just sayin - love ya babe :-). I have been thinking this for some time - I just wanted to see how things played out more. I think that the guy in the black shirt at the beginning of the episode was Esau and that the "Locke" that had Ben kill Jacob was a manifestation of Esau. I also find it interesting that the Esau-Locke character and Ben have so much in common. They both have the jealous "what about me" type of attitude and both say something to the effect of "you have no idea what I have been through" or "done". Also, in the Bible Esau wanted to kill Jacob...right (which also parallels the Cane and Abel thing)? I think the loophole is that the Esau character couldn't kill Jacob himself, but had to get someone else to do it (kind of like the real Locke with his father)...maybe specifically a leader of the others. Ben becomes the loophole which is ironic since he and the Esau-John character seem so similar. Second, when Ben says his "what about me" line all Jacob says is "what about you!" seems to me here that Jacob was almost trying to provoke Ben. He obviously knows about the loophole. I think it is interesting that the new John (again...really Esau?) had a different kind of attitude - a calmness that we might say was really jealousy and arrogance. All through the show I kept thinking that Jacob had a really calm attitude also - what may be either passivity or one of confident assurance - depending on one's interpretation. Like I said, Jacob knows about the loophole and seemed to know what was coming - but its really like he let Ben kill him. This makes me think he knows something everyone else doesn't. My Jacob-Esau theory may not pan out - but its what I think right now.

  2. I agree with Russ about the fake Locke being the guy originally on the island with Jacob. He did say he wanted to kill Jacob, and would keep looking for a loophole....
    Don't you think the ship they were watching was the Black Rock?
    Am I crazy, or didn't they say "What lies in the shadow of the statue" before? Was it when Desmond arrived on the island??

    Oh, my. How long do we have to wait until the next season (sniff...last season) starts???

  3. @Amy - I think you're right about the fake Locke. Yes, we've heard the shadow of the statue question before but no one has been able to answer it. Should be starting the new season in January, 2010.

  4. I am leaning more back toward Jesus and Satan. Too many things fit that. First, He who saves us all in the shadow of the statue. Jesus saves us all. Second, the other character wants to kill Jacob but can't. Satan has always tried to defeat God, but can't on his own. Even in the crucifixion, the emotions and fears of others were manipulated to try and destroy Jesus. Third, several times Jacob speaks of free will being a necessity. Not sure, just seems to fit, although the Jacob and Esau idea is interesting as well. My only other addition is that you ask why Jacob lives in the statue but has been in the cabin every other time. I don't think he has. I think the one in the cabin has been manifestations of the Esau guy all the time. John has not been hearing or seeing Jacob or the Island, he has been seeing and following Esau. The party went to the cabin and into it very cautiously. Illiana had her gun drawn when she went in. I do not think she would have been concerned if she was there to see Jacob. I think Jacob has been in the statue the whole time, but the leaders listened to their own wants and desires to find Jacob in the shack more than their advisors (Richard). All I know is that I do not know if I can wait for 7 months.

  5. The ship at the beginning was the Black Rock - the same ship that ends up wrecked on the Island.

    I can't believe we have to wait until JANUARY for the next season!

  6. This show absolutely blows my mind!! I can't wait until January! aggghh!

    definitely think that "new" Locke is really the guy in the black shirt (aka, the black smoke monster). good vs evil thing. So interesting how everything is playing out. But way too much to answer in ONE season left! real curious about aliana's role and Lapidus' role. so many twists and turns to keep up with!

    Have you read any of the LOST blogs that are out there? They have some pretty interesting theories. Along with your recap, i usually read these every Thursday after LOST!:


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