Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bullet Point Sunday

Another week has come & gone. This was an intense one as I finished up papers for the semester.

All assignments are done for this semester. I have two class meetings (one tomorrow, one Tuesday) this week & then a final exam on Thursday afternoon.

Sadly I'm all too aware that I only need to make a 25 on my one final to pass the class.

3 days, 23 hours, 10 minutes, 0 seconds until the end of the semester.

94 days, 23 hours, 10 minutes, 0 seconds until the end of my seminary career. I am all too ready!

Thankfully, I have about 3 weeks off of school until summer classes start.

Planning to pack up as much of the house as I can during these 3 weeks.

Also planning a quick trip to Lubbock to find a place to live and hopefully work out job issues for Russ.

Also will be traveling to Waco with Russ while he presents a paper at a conference.

Pray for me as I prepare to preach at our church in 3 weeks. I've never preached before the church before, only in classes, and I'm very nervous.

Have a blessed week all!

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