Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Russ bought me this shirt a couple of weeks ago. I've been saving the pic for Wordful Wednesday & then didn't get an entry posted the last couple of weeks. I am addicted to coffee! I have a coffee travel mug that says "glug, glug, glug! drink up!" and sings to you about drinking so much coffee that you have to pee. LOL! A friend also bought me a sign that hangs in my living room that says "I don't have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without it!!!" So this shirt is a perfect addition with it's words, "Given enough coffee I could rule the world".

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  1. My dh has a serious coffee addiction too. He roasts his own coffee in a homemade drum roaster, made from an old toaster oven and gutter sheathing. He has a burr grinder and orders his green beans from various internet suppliers. When a coffee order comes in it's like a geography lesson.

  2. Coffee!!! I love that shirt and I love that you love coffee. I took a job at Starbucks once just so I could get it for free!!
    I'm sooooo jealous too because my current pregnancy has completely stolen my love for the caffeinated. I can only enjoy a couple of sips every morning before my tummy yells--ENOUGH! big.heavy.sigh.

  3. Love it. I really like that it rings true, but is a CUTE T too.

  4. Hey, you got my picture up next to my name, that's cute!

  5. @Tanya - not sure how your picture is up next to your name, but it's cute :-)


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