Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ask Me Anything Answers

A few days ago, I opened up my blog for yall to ask me anything. 5 of yall took the challenge. Here are my responses:

Wendy asked: What is your denom and how does it affect your chaplaincy?

We are Baptist. There are many Baptist churches who will not ordain women. We are blessed to be members of a church that is supportive of women serving as ministers and being ordained. Russ & I will both be ordained together in a few weeks on Sunday, March 22nd.

Tanya says: It’s hard because I know so much about you!
1) Besides the obvious, like hubby, Damaris and the rest of your family, what is one blessing that has changed your life?
2) What is a fear or worry that is hard for you to let go of?
3) Where do you see yourself spending your golden years?

Yep, you do know alot about me. :-)
1) Definitely the calling God has put on my life to become a chaplain & the journey He is bringing me through in getting to that place.
2) Getting pregnant again only to lose the baby.
3) Someplace in the mountains. Maybe with a stream nearby. A place where I can sit outside on the porch in a rocker and drink my coffee and just rest in the beauty of His world.

Damaris asks: Which of the Pevensie’s is your favorite and why? And why do you like Narnia?

If you can't tell, my princess Damaris is currently obsessed with The Chronicles of Narnia. My favorite Pevensie would be Susan. And I like Narnia because I like to watch it with you.

My Bubba asks: Why did you fall in love with and marry me? Why do you stay in love and stay married with/to me?

I fell in love with you because you are a kind, caring, loving man. I stay in love & married to you because you are a kind, caring, loving man as well as a wonderful father, a devoted husband, an attentive friend, and a sexy stud. :-P

Elyse asks: why do you want to become a chaplain? How is your list that you cross off with coming? Why does LOST interest you so much?

I had never thought about becoming a chaplain until about a year and a half ago. I knew I was called into the ministry, but wasn't sure how that was supposed to look. I had been praying and seeking and still wasn't sure. I know this is random, but I was watching an episode of ER and they had a female hospital chaplain on the show. I looked at Russ and said, "I could totally do that." Within a week's time, God confirmed that this was the path had for me in numerous ways. So there you have it.

My list of 100 things to complete by the end of 2008 did not get completed. I completely finished 82 of the items, 12 are in progress, & 6 did not get done.

LOST just rocks! I have been a sci-fi fan for as long as I can remember. When I saw LOST advertised, I was really intrigued. After we came to Abilene, I found several other people who enjoy LOST as much as I do & we started discussing the show. For me, getting to blog my thoughts & discuss my thoughts with other fans is as much fun as watching the show.

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