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Time for my thoughts on this week's episode. There are numerous sites that do recaps so I'm not going to necessarily do that, but I am going to share my thoughts on what happened.


Season 5, Episode 10 - He's Our You
~I absolutely love Wednesdays! It's the high point of my week to see a new episode of LOST!
~As I was watching, I was thinking that although this filled in some more of the blanks, it was a pretty lackluster episode, that is until the end! But what, I'm not to that yet.
~OK, just gotta say how bothered I was by seeing the little boy kill the chicken. And then to find out it's Sayid! That totally explains some things. Am I right?
~I was very surprised that Sayid decides he's on his own rather than trying to fit in with the Dharma people. But maybe it's because he met young Ben?
~The scene with Hurley cooking waffles and then chatting with Kate & Jack made me laugh. I couldn't imagine Hurley with any other job!
~Ben's dad pisses me off! I hate to see a parent treat a child like that, no matter how bad of a guy the kid will turn out to be!
~The scene in Santo Domingo made me sad. Ben's line to Sayid, "It's in your nature, it's what you are, you're a killer Sayid." WOW! But then Sayid's response, "I'm not what you think I am. I don't like killing." I wish it wasn't true, but Sayid seems to prove differently at the end of the episode.
~Did Oldham, the hippie interrogator, remind anyone else of Ben? I mean, he looks alot like him. Seriously!
~Interesting to find out that Ilana is a bounty hunter. I just assumed she was some kind of federal marshal or something like that.
~I was kind of shocked to the reaction of the Dharma people when Sayid was all loopy & he was telling them the future. They're going to wish they had listened!
~Anyone wonder who the people are in Ann Arbor that Radzinsky threatens to call if they don't vote to kill Sayid? Who's behind the Dharma Initiative?
~I was disappointed we didn't get to hear Kate's full story of why she came back to the island. Young Ben had to screw it all up by setting a Dharma van on fire.
~Oh, before I forget, there were two Logsdon LOST Fans theories that we discussed today. The first is really far fetched in my book, but it made for a ton of laughs & a joke that will probably continue for quite some time. Someone, who shall remain nameless, suggested that when Sayid hit Jin at the end of the episode, it snapped his neck & killed him. We had quite alot of fun figuring out how far Jin's neck turned (we settled on 90 degrees) and acting out repeatedly the neck turn in slow motion. LOL! The other theory might actually be real though. It has nothing to do with last night's episode, but is interesting nonetheless. Remember Henry Gale, the guy who landed on the island in the hot air balloon. And then Ben assumed his identity to sneak in with the Oceanic survivors. Well, the theory is, what if that is Walt from a different time trying to get back to the island. Interesting, right?
~OK, I think I've stalled long enough. I was not at all expecting Sayid to shoot young Ben. It was a "Holy Crap!" moment for me. In fact, if you go to my Twitter feed, you'll see I said exactly that. So what is going to happen now. When Jack operated on Ben, he never mentioned a bullet hole. Will it be like John where he'll live enough though he was shot? Is Faraday right that nothing they do affects the timeline? Seriously!!!! I know, I've said Seriously enough tonight. But, yeah, that was definitely a holy crap moment for me!
~next week, what is with Jack saying they shouldn't have come back to the island? Can't he make up his mind? Tune in next week to find out!

There's my thoughts for what it's worth. Tune in next week for my thoughts on 5X11 Whatever Happened, Happened.

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  1. I was not at all shocked to see Sayid shoot Ben, but I don't think it proves his nature is that of a killer. For time paradox reasons, Ben has to live, and had to have known he was shot by Sayid when he was talking to Sayid in Santo Domingo. So, when Sayid tells young Ben as he shoots him, You're right, I am a killer!, young Ben remembers this, and is using Sayid's words against him in the future/past.


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