Thursday, March 19, 2009


Time for my thoughts on this week's episode. There are numerous sites that do recaps so I'm not going to necessarily do that, but I am going to share my thoughts on what happened.


Season 5, Episode 9 - Namaste
~after a week off, I was more than ready for last night's new episode of LOST
~why was there a runway on the secondary island? we've only been told that people come to the island by boat or submarine, so this one really confused me!
~the co-pilot died with a giant branch through his chest, wasn't that how the co-pilot of the Oceanic flight died as well?
~very confused about why Sun is still on the plane, my theory is that since she didn't bring back her daughter with her, the island wouldn't accept her back with everyone else
~I love that the O6 are back in 1977. 1977 rocks! That's the year I was born :-)
~the guy in the Flame Station is insane! really didn't like him!
~Horace & Amy's baby is Ethan!!! HOLY CRAP! So, how does Ethan end up surviving the purge? A theory batted around by the "Logsdon LOST Fans" today was that maybe Ethan was kidnapped by the hostiles because they can't have children of their own. Similar to the kids from the plane being taken in present day.
~so, what's going to happen with the purge? will our fearless O6 & the other Oceanic people get away before Ben kills everyone or?????
~What do you think happened to Faraday? I think with as off his rocker he was when we last saw him that he went completely insane and killed himself.
~Best 2 lines of the episode:
Sun hits Ben on the head with the paddle.
Frank: "I thought you trusted this guy."
Sun: "I lied!"
~now how about the jobs the O6 are assigned; Hurley is a chef; Jack is a janitor; & Kate works in the carpool with Juliette; seems like both the doctors aren't going to be allowed to live up to their potential
~Creepiest moment of the episode: Frank & Sun enter the dilapidated Dharamville, we hear whispers, a light comes on, Christian appears
~What do you think Christian meant by telling Frank & Sun, "I'm sorry, but you have a bit of journey ahead."? I'm pondering that maybe there is someway for the 1977 people & the current day people to reconnect.
~the verbal struggle between Jack & Sawyer when they were discussing their leadership styles was interesting
~And then, we end with young Ben taking Sayid a sandwich. YIKES! He's already creepy, even as a child!
~next week - I have a feeling that Sayid is going to die possibly as early as next week
~"everything is different, everyone has changed, it's survivor versus survivor, every man for himself" WOW! we've got some intense weeks ahead of us
~feel free to comment with your thoughts and insights, it's always fun to chat with other LOST fans!

There's my thoughts for what it's worth. Tune in next week for my thoughts on 5X10 He's Our You.

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