Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Right Now

I'm "stealing" this meme off of my online bff Jamee's blog A New Kind of Normal.

Right now I am:

watching: people watching those who are in the library & listening to Christmas music

eating: sneaking Christmas Sweettarts out of my backpack

drinking: nothing, you're not supposed to eat or drink in the library ;)

wearing: brown pants, maroon long sleeve shirt, multi-colored (think fall/winter colors) shawlette/scarf my friend Cheri made for me, disc earrings that are brown with pink flowers on them, brown socks, and my pink pop herringbone TOMS

avoiding: getting caught by a librarian for eating in the library (shhh, don't tell!)

feeling: hopeful yet apprehensive

missing: having a place of our own to live

thankful: that Wyatt will be born in about 40 hours!!!!! Thankful that Carrie has had a relatively easy pregnancy compared to her first one.

weather: cloudy and cold with more rain on the way

praying: praying for one of our possibilities to come through

needing: a whole new healthy body would be great, but I'd settle for a new right hip and back

thinking: about small group tonight where we'll be talking about Advent Conspiracy; this is something we (Russ, Damaris, and I) are very passionate about and I hope it is as meaningful to the rest of our small group as it has been to us

loving: my new Kindle Fire (her name is Lorelai) :)

What are YOU doing right now?

Image courtesy of McAWilliams


  1. What am I doing right now?

    I'm going to try to borrow this from you to post on my blog at https://gpabmawolfe.wordpress.com/.

  2. I'm so glad you are getting some use from the scarfy thing! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the rest. Love ya!!!

  3. Thanks Cheri! I'm giving Carrie her nursing shawl in just a little while. I know she'll love it! :) <3


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