Sunday, December 18, 2011

Prayer for Advent

Now is the time of watching and waiting
A time pregnant with hope
A time to watch and pray.

Christ our Advent hope,
Remind us to prepare for your coming;
Remind us to prepare for this time
When the soles of your feet touch the ground,
When you will become one of us
To be a one with us.

May we watch for the signs,
Listen for the messengers,
Wait for the good news to slip
Into our world, our lives.
Christ our Advent hope,
Help us to clear the way for you;
To clear the clutter from our minds,
To sift the silt from our hearts,
To move the boulders that prevents us meeting you.

May sorrow take flight,
And your people sing a song of peace
And hope be born again.

by Kate McIlhagga

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  1. HOw lovely a prayer! How true and wise and wonderful ..thanks

  2. Love the picture along with the poem!

  3. Beautiful! Did you take that at church this morning?

  4. No, it's just one I found online. I didn't think to walk to the front and take a picture. I actually posted this blog entry before we went to church. :)


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