Friday, December 23, 2011

Making Knitting Easier

While I have nowhere near the size knitting stash that some of my knitting friends do, mine was getting out of control, not necessarily because of the size, but because of the tangled yarn!

I decided that things had to get organized especially since Damaris is knitting more now and digs through my stash. So, I bought a couple boxes of Ziploc bags and started rolling the yarn into balls. Most of the yarn I still had the labels for, but some of them I sadly did not.

Once that was done, I organized everything inside a large Rubbermaid tub (needles and other knitting doo-dads are in the other bags).

Now I feel like I can actually find yarn when I need it and know at a glance if I have the color/type of yarn I need for a certain project.

Now, what about this beauty? Definitely a bracelet that C.C. would wear!

But it's not just a bracelet. Let me lay it out to see if you an guess what it is.

Did you guess??????? It's a knitting row counter. Look closer:

The large pink beads on the left are for every 10 rows and the smaller clear beads on the right are for every single row. As you finish knitting a row, you push a small bead through the marker (the round group of 4 beads). You continue this way until you get to row 10 when you push all the small beads back through the marker and push 1 large bead through the marker. So if you look at the bracelet right now, it shows I have completed 20 rows. So you can wear your knitting counter! How cool is that!!!!! You can't see it in the pictures, but there is also a hook on the bracelet to hold your stitch markers.

So, this is how I'm making my knitting easier. Any other suggestions I should take under advisement? I'm always open to new ideas. :)

Messy yarn picture from Hooked On Needles


  1. Don't ask me....I'm not a knitter :-)

  2. But you like when I knit stuff for you, right?????

  3. Oooh, I wish that you lived closer, friend! I have been dying for someone to teach me to knit.

  4. I think I brought more stash to New Mexico with me than you have in that tote! Love the bracelet. I have one a friend made me in purples.

    Hope you all have a great holiday!

  5. I taught myself several years ago. If you are interested, I can look up the name of the book I used or I can send you really good videos that will teach you. :)

  6. I knew you'd say that Cheri! I just rarely buy yarn unless it's for a specific project. Most of the yarn in my stash is leftover from previous projects or has been gifted to me. I bet your purple bracelet is gorgeous!!!! Merry Christmas to you & yours! <3


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