Thursday, April 2, 2009


Time for my thoughts on this week's episode. There are numerous sites that do recaps so I'm not going to necessarily do that, but I am going to share my thoughts on what happened.


Season 5, Episode 11 - Whatever Happened, Happened
~So Ben is alive. I wondered how they would play things - either he's dead & brought back to life or he's on the brink of death.
~Not sure how I feel about them seemingly setting up Roger Linus & Kate together. I don't particularly like Roger.
~I had a feeling that Sawyer was whispering to Kate something to do with Clementine, but I didn't expect her to become so involved in Cassidy & Clementine's lives. And I am more than shocked that she told Cassidy the truth about what the O6 were doing. I'm glad she kept her promise to Sawyer though.
~Things seem to be going from bad to worse for the O6 in Dharmaville. Totally classic LOST stuff though as Miles tries to explain to Hurley about the whole time thing. Loved the Back to the Future references. I'm seeing if I'm still here or if I've started to disappear. LOL! That whole scene was priceless!
~I can't believe Jack is not willing to help Ben. Seriously, he's a kid & regardless of what he's going to turn out to be, he should have helped him. And!!!! If he had helped him, maybe he would have survived without needing to be taken to the Others. Did Jack even think about that????? Hmmmm!!!!!!!
~And then I was totally confused by Jack telling Kate that the island wants to fix things itself. Why did he think he needed to come back to the island then if the island could take care of things? This one totally threw me!
~Found it interesting that Kate was willing to donate blood for Ben. And then Roger comes in & talks to her. Was interesting to hear him say that he knew he hadn't been a good father. I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem, but obviously it's too late. It won't make a difference now.
~Then back to Miles & Hurley. Time isn't a straight line. And if this already happened, why don't I remember it? LOL! But then Hurley proves a huge point when he says that Ben should have remembered getting shot by Sayid as a kid when he was an adult & apparently he doesn't. Very interesting!
~OK, in the store where Kate loses Aaron. I seriously thought for a minute that Ben had someone kidnap Aaron to get Kate to come back to the island.
~I must say that I wasn't at all shocked to see Sawyer come to help Kate get Ben to the others. I don't think things are over for those two!
~And then back to Kate losing Aaron. She's telling Cassidy about what happened & starts talking about how she was expecting this to happen. Cassidy tells her that it's because she needed something to heal the broken heart Sawyer left her with. Not sure I agree with that. But apparently Cassidy convinces Kate this is the truth.
~Then Juliette goes off on Jack for him not helping her. He admits he needed to come back but doesn't know why. Isn't this what he was just saying the opposite of not 5 minutes ago. Jack seems as confused as all us fans are.
~The whole conversation between Kate & Sawyer is interesting too (I'm using the word interesting alot, can you tell I'm exhausted, it's been an extremely long week). Here's my question, if Kate had been the one to stay on the island instead of Juliette, do you think Sawyer would have grown up enough to be with her?
~And again we find Kate not able to keep her mouth shut. She tells everything to Claire's mother. I guess I'm not surprised that Aaron is ending up with his grandmother. I've felt like that was coming for awhile. I am shocked however that Kate's reasoning for going back to the island is to find Claire. I never thought the two of them for very close. I guess the emotion of raising Claire's son strengthened her bond with Claire.
~So, now we have the situation with the Others. First thought, Ben being shot affecting all of them - so is Sawyer going to spill everything to Alpert now? Second thought, apparently Alpert & Sawyer have met before. Did the two of them set up the truce? Next thoughts, too big to share a bullet point....
~Holy crap! OK, first we've got Alpert saying that whatever he's fixing to do is going to make Ben forget what's happened & take away his innocence! What the crap!
~And then Alpert saying he doesn't answer to anyone, specifically referencing Eloise & Charles. So how does Eloise end up working with Ben if she works with Charles????? And what Alpert said is not true - because in an early season, he answers to Jacob!!!!
~And then Alpert takes Ben into the temple. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! What the heck is fixing to happen!!!!!
~Then, flash to the present & Ben wakes up with John sitting next to him. I think there is going to be some hidden meaning behind John's words, "Welcome back to the land of the living."
~Seriously can't wait for next week, Ben's judgment, the temple, will we see Smokie again......See ya then!

There's my thoughts for what it's worth. Tune in next week for my thoughts on 5X12 Dead is Dead.


  1. Hey C.C.!
    Did you catch the part of the conversation between Kate and Roger, when he says how a boy needs his mother...and then it flashed to Kate giving up Aaron?
    (and remember how the prophet guy went on and on about how Claire HAD to raise Aaron or everything would be doom and gloom?)

    Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmmmmm"

  2. @Amy - I did catch that, I wonder if Kate will be that mother figure for young Ben? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :-P


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