Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bullet Point Sunday

Had a great service this morning at church celebrating Palm Sunday & observing Passion Week.

Looking forward to participating in a Seder meal for the first time this Wednesday. Madly trying to get all the details taken care of since I've been in charge of coordinating it even though I've never been to one. LOL!

I seriously hate grocery shopping. I'm having pretty bad back problems this weekend so I got one of the motorized carts to use while shopping and people just run over you. It was insane!

I read two books this weekend that weren't required for me to read. It was amazing. Cried while reading both books. I'm ready to be done with school so I can do more leisure reading.

Watched Twilight yesterday. Really enjoyed it which surprised me. I want to get a hold of the books so I can read them. See previous comments about leisure reading.

Had a miserable failure at dinner on Friday night. Thank goodness for Pizza Hut who delivered dinner to us & what I made went right into the dumpster.

Was sad to watch the ER series finale Thursday night. Did a lot of crying while watching. I'll miss that show. I've seen every single episode.

Damaris was thrilled that Netflix finally sent us High School Musical 3. I hate to burst her bubble that high school is not like what is depicted on the screen.

Found a new nail salon this week. Been having issues with the one I go to & then they were supposed to be open & never opened so I went hunting for a new place. Found one that was much quicker & cheaper so I'll take the 10 minutes to drive across town to it.

This week was a miserable school week thus the need to leisure reading & movie watching. Had two major tests and a huge paper due.

Just under 32 days until the Spring Semester is over. 7 assignments/paper & 1 test to go.

123 days until Russ & I are done with our Master's degrees. We register for Summer classes on Tuesday morning.

That's about it for this week. Russ & I are attending the Women in Ministry conference at Logsdon Seminary tomorrow. It's our final conference we need to attend as part of graduation requirements. Then the Seder Meal on Wednesday. And Easter a week from now. Another busy week, but thankfully not as busy with school stuff. It's all downhill from here. Have a great week yall!

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