Monday, April 20, 2009

Bullet Point Sunday (a day late)

Yes I realize it's no longer Sunday, but at least I'm posting some kind of blog even if it is a day late. ;-)

Things are absolutely insane here now. 17 days until the end of the semester.

I still have 16 papers to write & 3 more assignments beyond that.

Thankfully only 1 final exam out of the 5 classes I'm taking.

Then I'll have 3 weeks off before summer school starts. I plan to pack up stuff like the knickknacks, wall hangings, etc. that we won't need before we move.

Then Russ & I have 1 class the month of June, 1 class the month of July that ends the first week of August, & then we have to be moved out of our house here in Abilene by the 2nd week of August.

We'll go sometime in May to locate a place to live in Lubbock.

Russ was also chosen to present a paper at a national conference of religion professors at the end of May, so he & I will go to Waco for that.

Oh, & I think we're having breakfast burritos for dinner.

Have a great
SundayMonday all.

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