Friday, July 25, 2008

Congratulations Damaris!!

Well, as of today, Damaris has officially completed the 3rd grade!!!!! WAHOO!!!!! She ended up with high A's in all six of her classes - Bible, History & Geography, Math, Language Arts, Science, & Spanish.

We celebrated with her this evening. We ate her favorite food for dinner - Sweet & Sour Chicken and Fried Rice. Then we had a huge chocolate chip cookie that says "Congrats Damaris". Her fortune cookie said "You are heading in the right direction." And mine, well, it's simply so profound I almost can't believe it, "Beware of cookies bearing fortunes." We finished up the evening watching her new favorite tv show, Seaquest DSV.


  1. [...] Friday the 25th *class in the morning *got a manicure & pedicure *planned a surprise for Damaris *celebrated Damaris finishing 3rd grade [...]

  2. If she likes that series, girl she may like this one. It is kind of scientific, we watched it on New Years Day. The whole series. It is called "FireFly" It is really good. Tell Damaris, Congratulations! Good Job!


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