Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Package Arrived

As I announced about a week and a half ago, Alisa was the winner of my 100 Days of Blogging Contest.

Here is a picture of what was in the package:

Here is the hysterical e-mail from Alisa that the package arrived:
Hello C.C.!!!

I received the package today! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blanket! Those are my colors! It is beautiful! Did you make it? I also love the stationery and stickers.


Love in Christ,

P.S. My husband says this may be proof that my imaginary computer friends may, just may, be real. :) He really likes the blanket as well!

To answer her questions, yes, I knit the blanket that I sent her. I'm so glad she enjoyed it and the "imaginary computer friends" comment just totally made my day since my hubby Russ is the same way! LOL!! Thanks again to everyone who entered my contest!

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  1. Alisa's husband here... the blanket is beautiful, warm and amazingly snugglish (thanks!). I'll admit, it is pretty convincing evidence that at least one of Alisa's imaginary friends exists. Here would be absolute proof, however: Have "Russ" email or call. Rent-a-Husbands never fool me...



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