Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 88 of 100 Days of Blogging

So, it seems that getting a tattoo and then blogging about it brings lots of people to my blog. LOL! I had my most visits yesterday with 204 people viewing my tattoo post plus 13 comments which is also a record for the most comments in one day.

There were a couple of questions about yesterday, so thought I'd answer those today:
Amanda said:

YAY!! I love it!

I’m planning on getting Caedmon and Presley’s footprints on the inside of my wrist.

So, lay it out for me, how painful was it? I mean…I’ve given birth to a 10lbs baby and I’ve had my tongue pierced, so I figure I can handle it…I just need to know how bad it’s going to be! LOL

Now, Amanda has known me for a LONG!!!!! time and knows what a low pain tolerance I have. With that being said, it wasn't pleasant, but it was bearable for me. The r and the a were the worst because the skin is so thin there. The g, c, & e have some muscle under them so that helped. But after birthing a 10lb baby & getting your tongue pierced, Amanda, you'll have no problem at all!!! LOL!

Russ said:
So…now what are we going to do when the kid wants a tattoo? And yes, I do think it is beautiful.

Well, we'll tell her she has to be at least 30 like her Momma was of course! LOL!

Thanks to everyone else that came by to comment. Have an awesome day yall!

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