Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 73 of 100 Days of Blogging

So, anyone know what might be causing my lower back pain? It's been hurting on and off for a week now. Hurts worse when I sit or lay for any length of time. The pain is sharp. Russ has had to physically help me get up from sitting or laying a few times in the last week because I've been in such pain and just couldn't get up.

On a happier note, we've done alot of swimming this summer including going quite often with my friend Jodi and her boys Wyatt and Everett. Wyatt and Everett always want to play with Damaris' snorkel and goggles when we go swimming. Damaris' snorkel had about had it, so I've been looking for a new one for her. I found a set tonight that included shark goggles and a snorkel with a shark fin on it. I bought Damaris a pink set and Wyatt and Everett each an orange set. I dropped by their house, but they weren't home, so I left it for them and called Jodi to tell her that I had left the boys a present that I just knew they would love. She e-mailed me a bit later to say that the boys loved them and they had ran off to draw me a thank you note. She included these adorable pics and then I also took a pic of Damaris wearing hers.


  1. I'd be scared with all those sharks in the water. I hope they don't bite.

  2. LOVE the new pictures! I miss all of them so much! Golly-all the kiddos must love you know ;)

    Have you tried stretching? I know when my back hurts, I need to stretch it out! Hope the pains go away SOON!!!

  3. Does your back feel like it's got a knotted muscle? It could be a knotted muscle that's pressing on a nerve. That would cause sharp pain. You could try an OTC drug like Percogesic. It has a muscle relaxer plus tylenol in it. also you could try alternating cold and hot packs on your back. 20 mins on 10 mins off. - hot and the reverse for cold.

    Damaris' hair really looks blonde! It must really lighten in the summer sun. My hair used to do that. LOL Now I just used a bottle. :)


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