Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Walls of My Home Are My Constant Companion

As my 12 year old daughter Damaris and I participated in the (in)RL conference several weeks ago, I cried buckets watching Sara’s story.

I cried for numerous reasons.

I wished I had known Sara before she journeyed into Heaven. I grieved with those who were so affected by her words and those who hold Sara close in their hearts. And finally, I cried for me. You see, I could relate to Sara’s story because I spend much of my time homebound.

Homebound, that’s a word that I would never have imagined would describe me. Such a strange word, so sad, so foreign, so isolating, so alone.

Will you read the rest with me over at (in)courage?

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Image Credit: Home Alone by lobbiaz on Flickr


  1. Hi, and thanks for sharing honestly. I too have a few chronic health problems, including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I have after many years been able to start knitting :) and sewing when I feel up to it and that has become a tiny business/etsy shop for me. One thing that has helped ME greatly is Savella for my fibro. I am able to walk upright again and do have some pain, but not as crippling as it was. I felt I should share this as I have shared it with some friends who got diagnosed and didn't know about it. Acceptance, Trust and Gratitude are my best friends!! Hugs, Kathi

  2. Thanks for your comment Kathi! I have recently begun taking Savella. I'm also opening an Etsy shop as well as have begun designing knitting patterns. Blessings to you!

  3. [...] yesterday afternoon I came across a post written by my wonderful friend C.C. which introduced me to Sara’s Story. Talk about a change in perspective. The video is about [...]


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