Friday, July 13, 2012

The Post in Which I Update and Ask for Input

I'm sure yall know that I've been on a blogging break for a week now. I wanted to give yall an update and ask for some input. There are a couple of reasons I took a blog break.

First, I got some difficult news. My application for disability was denied. They agree that I can't do the work I was educated and trained to do, but they think I can work a different, more basic job. If they were to spend one day with me, they'd see that wasn't true, but... Anyway, we knew I'd probably be denied, but reading the words on paper and what they said was much more difficult than I expected. I do plan to appeal their decision. Please keep praying for me (and Russ and Damaris) as we go through this process.

Second, I'm burned out. I've been blogging in one way or another for over 13 years now. I've been blogging on an almost daily (and sometimes more than once daily) basis for almost a year now (and prior to that, I was blogging several times a week). I used to love blogging, but in recent weeks, it's become a chore.

Taking this past week off has allowed me some time to rest and think about what's next for me. And that's where I want your input.

What would you, my dear readers, like to see me blogging about? Should I keep doing the same things I was doing (Gratitude/Joy Dare/1000 Gifts; Sharing Our Spoons; InstaFriday; Five Minute Friday; quote of the week; prayer for today; monthly Pinterest challenge; reviews/giveaways; knitting, homeschooling, and other things as they occur) or should I downsize some of those things or write about something totally different that what I had been?

Another question - how frequently are you interested in me updating my blog (once a week, twice a week, three times a week, more often, less often)?

I don't want to stop blogging, but I can't keep up the pace and frequency that I was doing. So please help me as I determine what's next for me! Please let me hear your input.

Thanks for reading and continuing this journey with me.
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  1. You could do like I do....whenever I get time and/or feel like deadlines....just whenever and whatever

  2. I personnally havent updated my blog in almost a year. Why? I have been SOOO busy with my day to day life/work. I plan to blog again but when i sit down to do it i get writers block.
    Dont let your blog be a chore. Post what you want in your own time and what works best for you! I love reading your blog and my friends' blogs who i dont get to see to often. Now i feel like i need to blog :-)

  3. I'm happy with an occasional update, just so I know everything is okay. I was an awful blogger and went for months without updating. When I did, it was just a quick note to let my family know I was still alive.

    Do what feels right for you!!!!

  4. I love a frequent poster. But no pressure . I LOVE Your instagrams lately.
    I am inspired by your thankful lists
    I seek laughter so I guess I love a blog that links me to some laughter even if they writer isnt writing about anything funny or writing in a funny way.

  5. I just read your post at (in)Courage today and so I stopped by to say Hi! I'm new so can't offer an opinion but I will come back to read more, whenever you write. I know that blogging takes time and energy so use yours carefully :) Somehow I have a sense that out of your thoughts about Sara will come something very good. Praying for you today - may God's love surround and lift you up!

  6. Thank you all for your comments. I'm in the process of assessing and compiling a new schedule for blogging. It won't be daily as it has been in the past, but I'll still be posting on a regular basis. :)


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