Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pinterest Project #4 - Effortless French Manicure

Can't believe this is our 4th month doing a Pinterest project! Here's what I pinned on my Inspired board.

It linked to this Pop Cosmo post about doing an effortless french manicure.

You begin by applying a clear base coat to your nails and letting it completely dry. Honestly, this was the worst part because we were ready to get on to the next step and the waiting was no fun!

Next, you apply those little reinforcement stickers that you use to fix a torn hole of a piece of notebook or 3-hole punched paper. Make sure you press the stickers down well so they don't lift up mid-manicure. The first time I did it, I put the stickers up too far and ended up with very little area to paint. The second time, I put them down further (well below the "white" part of my nail) and it worked so much better. This picture is from the second time.

Then you paint 2 thin coats of whatever color you choose. From our 3 attempts (my 2 & Damaris' 1), we discovered that a darker or bright color works best.

More waiting until the polish is completely dry. Then remove the stickers and apply a clear top coat. And abracadabra, you have an effortless french manicure.

Here's mine (from the 2nd time around):

And here's Damaris':

We had fun doing this and it was much cheaper than going to the nail salon for a french manicure. The reinforcement stickers were around $3.50 for 180 of them (so 18 french manicures!!!!!!). Until next time,


  1. Now that's cool....did you do your own or each other's?

  2. We each did our own. I told Damaris that I won't always be around to paint her right hand for her, so she needs to practice now. :)

  3. Awesome. I really have a hard time with the waiting for the drying, but I am so going to try this method this weekend. :)

  4. it! I've got a pack somewhere...just gotta go find it! TFS!

  5. WOW! I just had a mad retro moment :0)! WAY back in the dark ages of the 1980's I was a poor teenager with a desire to have French manicures! I used to do mine in the exact same way! I can still remember trying to get them all even with those reinforcements! Thanks for the memories!

  6. HEY! Something else cool about your blog is the way the responses allow for the authors blog/website to be posted at the end. If you have a sec would you mind letting me know how you do that??? thanks so much!

  7. LOL! Let me know how it goes Melinda!

  8. Too funny! You were cool before you even knew it :)

  9. It's a plugin for blogs called Comment Luv


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