Thursday, June 7, 2012

Goodbye 7th grade! Hello 8th grade!

(Photos from beginning of 7th grade in August & the end of 7th grade celebrated today with a pedicure)

It seems like just yesterday
she was a babe in my arms.
She began by learning her ABC's & 123's
just a drop in the bucket of her current studies.
Goodnight Moon and Dr. Seuss
up on a shelf, they're no longer in use.
They have gone away & been replaced
Harry & Hermione & Lucy are now embraced.
Writing stories, imagining what it might be like
if she were The Doctor's companion, she'd never go on strike.
The days pass so quickly
a college grad before we know it!
Goodbye 7th grade! Hello 8th grade!

So proud of you Damaris!


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