Sunday, February 14, 2010

LOST 6X03 (What Kate Does)

Time for my thoughts on this week's episode. There are numerous sites that do recaps so I'm not going to necessarily do that, but I am going to share my thoughts on what happened.

The icon paintings in my LOST posts for this season were painted by Scott Erickson of The Transpire Project for Chris Seay's book The Gospel According to LOST.


Season 6, Episode 3 - What Kate Does
~The enhanced episode of 6X02 (LA X - Part 2) was really helpful. I liked that they gave us a term for these two parallel story lines - flashing sideways.
~This wasn't my favorite episode, but it did help to have some of that filler information that we didn't receive last week.
~Really having an intense dislike for Sideways Kate in the beginning of this episode.
~I'm still not completely convinced that Original Sayid is going to turn out bad as this episode predicts. I still am wondering about the possibility that Jacob has inhabited his body like Not John did with Original John's body.
~My heart breaks for Original Sawyer. So much loss for him.
~Not sure why the Other Others want Original Sawyer back at the Temple so much. Still too many missing pieces on this one.
~The stuffed whale that Sideways Kate found in Sideways Claire's bag looked familiar. Anyone know if we've seen it before?
~So is the spring/pool in the fountain causing the Man in Black or something associated with him to come into people if they are healed in it? But remember, Ben was healed in the pool & although he's pretty bad, I don't think he's anywhere close to the Man in Black. Hmmm.......
~And evidently the Other Others in the Temple are aware of what happens on the Island at least to some extent since they are aware of the plane that landed on the Island (the other one that Original Jin is looking for to find Original Sun).
~And the Other Others must be aware of Original Claire being out in the jungle since Justin hits that it wasn't Russo that made the trap. So was Russo healed in the pool too?
~Still struggling with this whole infection thing? I wonder how many people have been infected & if Original Ben is infected, why doesn't he act like Russo & Claire?
~Loved the "We'll be in the food court if you need us" line!
~More heartbreak for Original Sawyer as he goes to get the ring he had for Juliette & then throws it in the water.
~A little shocking to see Ethan with Sideways Claire & Sideways Kate. I wonder how many other seemingly innocent run-ins the Losties have had with the Others in the Sideways timeline?
~And then Sideways Claire suddenly knowing the baby is supposed to be named Aaron. Very interesting!
~I wonder if Original Jack is as important to the story to come as apparently Original Sawyer & Original Sayid are. Evidently so since Dogen prevents him from taking the poison pill.
~And then Original Claire returns! Where has she been? Is she really taken over/claimed by darkness? What's to come for her!!!! Can't wait!
~That's all for this week. Can't wait for the next new episode! I'd love to hear your thoughts & theories on anything I've written about or something you think I might have missed.

There's my thoughts for what it's worth. Tune in next week for LOST 6X04 "The Substitute".

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